Natural Aristocracy: History, Ideology, and the Production of William Faulkner

ISBN: 081730956X
ISBN 13: 9780817309565
By: Kevin Railey

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About this book

Railey (English, Buffalo State College) uses a materialistic approach to identify and historicize Faulkner's authorial identity. Working from the assumption that Faulkner was deeply affected by the sociohistorical forces that surrounded his life, Railey explores the interrelationships between American history and Faulkner's fiction, and between southern history and Faulkner's subjectivity. He argues that Faulkner's obsession with history and his struggle with ideologies of southern society and his family guided him as an artist.

Reader's Thoughts


Wonderful book which places Faulkner's best work in a political and historical context.

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