Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know about

ISBN: 0975599518
ISBN 13: 9780975599518
By: Kevin Trudeau

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Reader's Thoughts

Susan Erhardt

I am completely baffled as to why any responsible publisher would put out this complete and utter piece of rubbish.


Ok, so I know, I'm going to have my PharmD VERY soon, therefore this book should have just reconfirmed everything I already knew and suspected about big pharma and pharmaceutical products and manufacturers, since I've studied all this ad nauseum for the past several years and have determined that I"m getting this degree so that people will listen when I tell them they have better options than drugs.... - but no.These are BIG shoes to fill, but...THIS IS THE WORST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ. EVER!! Did he not hire an editor with the billions of dollars he has made scamming the American public? Or any of his other financial scams that landed him time in the big house but still managed to make him a wealthy mogul?Read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle or Omnivore's Dilemma if you care about what you put in your body. Read the "The Green Pharmacy" if you want to learn about more natural ways to heal your body other than with manufactured drugs. Read books by Gabriel Cousins - raw food will change your life, if you can afford the time and money it takes to prepare and scope it out. Go vegetarian or eat only local free range organically fed grass finished meat. EAT ORGANIC LOCAL PRODUCE. This is NOT rocket science, and I just saved you 3 hours of fist-shaking wrath that this book even got published.This man doesn't tell you anything useful - he whispers promises in your ear of ACTUALLY telling you...if only you'll buy his next book since it's in there!! I'm going to stop writing this review so that my blood pressure will normalize again.


Someone gave this book to me, with a recommendation that it was an excellent book, full of great information, blah, blah, blah. No way. This book was full of common sense knowledge and promises of future information if you buy more things this man offers. It was complete and utter bullshit. The book can be summarized in two sentences. "The FDA sucks and they are out to get me (and you). Eat properly, avoid additives and preservatives and you won't feel as bad as you do now." I am, however, astounded at the author's sheer marketing genius. Not many people can make millions saying absolutely nothing. He must have balls of steel.


I have a love/hate relationship with this book. The author definitely shed some light on nutrition and the health care industry... beneficial information! I would recommend it to all Americans. Taking a moment to pause and look at the health care industry and the FDA... it's all very diabolical and made me extremely angry. I also found it very disheartening that in each section, he gives you a little bit of info and advises you to go to his website for more info. When you go to his website, you have to pay to become a member. I certainly don't mind paying $10.00, but I kind of felt ripped off. My godmother advised "Read this book... but, remember, it's not the Bible."


This man is a scam artist.


A couple of positives about the talks about the intrusion of drug companies on our health and offers some pretty basic/common sense ideas to improve one's health. The negatives - first the book is extremely repetitive. It could have been eloquently summed up in a five page essay. Secondly, although it promises to reveal the natural cures, one quickly finds out that they need to go to his website and pay for this information. I suggest everyone does what I did, borrow this book from the library then research more books on natural healing to find the cures for free.


The author of this book once claimed in one of his informercials that he was 70 years old, when in fact he is only 44, and if you follow his system, you will be as youthful as he is. Kevin Trudeau is a thief and a scam artist who writes fictitious books in order to make a living for himself.

Kelley G

Groundless propaganda! It's all a fear/conspiracy based "they" are after you with blatantly erroneous tidbits of examples like "animals never get cancer, diabetes...". He is not a scientist, and alternates between bashing the scientific process for not being able to cure anything and then for not studying the "miracle cures" that he thinks the evil medical community should be using. While I do agree that the system is flawed, I think his rabble-rousing attempts to incite feelings of anger and oppression in the masses (without educating them) is the poorest approach anyone can take.


This book is so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, it almost is inspiring enough to go for a career change! Holisitic medicine anyone?... I love how boldly this books speaks out about all the lies that are kept hidden from the public from the FDA, the FTC, and the pharmaceutical companies. The health care and food industry in this country is putting us in severe danger and it is only going to get worse. My advice...don't be deceived...and READ THIS BOOK!!!!


The biggest pile of poo I have encountered in a long time - just a long unsubstatiated rant, really badly written. Don't read it, don't touch it, WALK AWAY!


This is another book that is a must read for everyone. This book has made me more aware of how we are really being lied to and poisoned as a society. Trudeau's book was a catlylst for major change in my life and inspired me to do more research into my own health and well being.


A year or so before buying this book I saw this man briefly on an infomercial as I flipped throught the channels on tv. Not too long after that I saw it again and this time I stopped to watch. After listening for a while I wanted the book but I wasn't going to order it and it was too much anyway. I decided I would get it whenever it came to a book store or something. A year or so later I saw it at Costco for half the price and I got one immediately. I always take notes on these types of books and did so with this one too. He definately has an agenda and that is not what I was interested in. I skipped several chapters of the book and sections of other chapters because of this, but still found to book to be enlightening and encouraging for change. I would reccommend to people to borrow it from someone. I realize that this is the man's living, but he's doing just fine for himself and it may be worth reading first and then deciding if you want it as part of your library.


did you know that jumping on a mini-tramp everyday can cure most, if not all, medical problems? WOW!ok, there's more to this book than that - but I didn't find much value in any of it.

Krystal Williams

This is the book that started it all for me back in 2005. It exposes the corruption in government and Big Food, and teaches you how to be a more savvy consumer and steward of your health. Author Kevin Trudeau discusses everything from the common toxic ingredients in our food to natural remedies for a host of diseases and ailments.Have you ever wondered how the chlorine and fluoride in your tap water are affecting your health? How about hydrogenated oils and trans fats in the food supply? Do you know what the two reasons are that a person becomes ill? These are just a few of the hundreds of nutrition and health questions that are answered in this book. Kevin Trudeau does an excellent job of giving step-by-step lists that detail how to clean up your diet, lose weight, and naturally detoxify your body. Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About gives you the information you need to overhaul your thinking about health and nutrition. It is filled with actionable information on the hows and whys of reaching your health goals. If you are brand new to learning about how Big Food, Big Pharma, and government are affecting your health by manipulating the food supply, this book is the place for you to start.


What a crock, don't bother. He says he's in this to help people, not to make money...yeah, right!

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