Natural Speaker, The (5th Edition) (MySpeechKit Series)

ISBN: 0205453430
ISBN 13: 9780205453436
By: Randy Fujishin

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Reader's Thoughts


I know textbooks shouldn't count, but this one is written more like a self-help book. It's full of anecdotes and quotes on how to become a better communicator, but I found it kind of creepy overall. The author seems convinced that people who are shy and/or don't like to talk have psychological problems. I don't agree!

Thuy Nguyen

I need to read fast


A practical look at public speaking without the bulkiness of most textbooks. Easy-to-read and friendly writing style. Could work as textbook for informal class.

Jennifer Reynolds

I loved this book. This is when my love for communication studies for planted. I went on to get my AA and BA in Communication. This was my first class with Randy Fujishin at West Valley. He became my inspiration to write, teach, and counsel. I took all his classes there. He was one of those influential people. He even called home to say nice things about me to my mom. What an amazing person.


Good for the beginning speaker. Talks about first time fears, first time giving a speech, how to prepare, how to outline your speech, how to research. Very basic info.


I read this book for my Speech 120 class and it is a wonderful book. It gives you lots of helpful and useful tips about giving speeches and how to get rid of those butterflies and fear of getting up in front of people :).

Shannon Ma

Natural speaker has taught me to be a better public speaker. This book gives an abundance of advice, knowledge, and inspiration. Natural speaker has helped me grow in communication.

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