Nature and Psyche: Radical Environmentalism and the Politics of Subjectivity

ISBN: 0791447510
ISBN 13: 9780791447512
By: David W. Kidner

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About this book

Nature and Psyche argues that psychological and environmental writing and action are all too often colonized by the same assumptions that inhibit ecological and cultural diversity. Industrialized monocultures conceal the character of human alienation from nature and prevent the emergence of effective solutions. Drawing on a diversity of disciplines, David Kidner illustrates that traditional psychological understanding is often inherently hostile to the natural order, and that the dominant form of selfhood that has emerged in the industrialized world promotes the domestication of nature. In fact, even some of the most radical environmentalists, who simplistically oppose technology, are also trapped within this paradigm. The author demonstrates that a more critical historical and cultural awareness, rooted in nature, can enable a re-integration of nature and psyche.

Reader's Thoughts


This book won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However, it should be read by everyone with an active, searching intellect, and some concern for the environmental and psychological woes of our age... More:

Charles Dick-hutchinson

Although not the most accessible read, Kidner's work is a desperately important book for understanding the past and future of human psychology and our relationship to the environments that we help shape in the image of our industrial mindset. Whilst unpicking the course that has led to the destructive psychoses of our species, a new vision for the future is mapped out, and this new ontology is explored to a remarkable depth.

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