Neon Genesis Evangelion, Volume 7: Special Collector’s Edition

ISBN: 1569318883
ISBN 13: 9781569318881
By: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Gainax

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About this book

- From the character designer of the recent Adult Swim smash FLCL.- Part of the Neon Genesis Evangelion phenomenon - the most talked about anime show of the last ten years!- Broadcasted nationwide in Japan by TV Tokyo in 1995-96 and re-run seven times. Final episode had audience of 10 million!- Video sales of US $80MM, merchandise sales US$400MM -- video and soundtrack CDs available in the US.- The film The End Of Evangelion won Japanese Academy Award in 1997.

Reader's Thoughts

Megan Simmons

here are some more maya ibukikozo fuyutsuki



Sadamoto aprovecha cada volumen para acercarse más en profundidad a un personaje. En esta ocasión, conocemos un poco del pasado de Kaji y sus motivaciones para entender su trabajo. Y a la vez asistimos al 'ángel' más difícil de vencer con el que se han encontrado y que dejará secuelas emocionales en todos los involucrados en la lucha. Además, toda la trama conspiranoica da un paso adelante y finalmente se anuncia la aparición del que será el último gran personaje de la serie.

The Third Place A Teen Library

F SAD v.7


** spoiler alert ** On the surface, this seemed like it was going to be a fairly standard adventure hero sort of plot. His friends dead and injured, our protagonist leaves the Evangelion project, returning only after the city is attacked again and he realizes that he alone can save it.Of course, this being Evangelion, there is a lot more than just that going on. We learn the real reason that all these monsters keep attacking Tokyo, and the relationship that the NERV organization has with the tragedies that have killed half of Earth's population. Most shockingly, we also learn that the giant robots aren't actually giant robots, but living things, and we see our hero get broken down on a quantum level until only his disembodied spirit exists within the hulking frame that he used to pilot.

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