New Covenant Unveiled

ISBN: 0966317238
ISBN 13: 9780966317237
By: David Wilkerson

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About this book

"God's Plan to Free the Last-Days Church from the Power of Sin"Pages: 143Author info: *Founder of teen challenge*Author of Cross and the Switchblade*Founder and Senior Pastor of Times Square ChurchGod has taken an oath to deliver His people from the power and dominion of sin. He cut a covenant with His own Son, insuring freedom for all who are in Christ--from the chains of life-controlling habits, lusts and all manner of sins. God has also covenanted to provide the resources needed to obey His every command--an indwelling power to combat all the temptations and lusts of this wicked age. Open your heart to this truth, believe it, pray for an understanding of it--and you will experience a release of power over all dominion of sin.

Reader's Thoughts


After reading several books on the topic of covenant, this one was extremely refreshing. It is written totally in layman's terminology, and makes the subject matter so personal that the reader can relate to it. I recommend it for Christians, unbelievers, Bible students, theologians, and scholars alike. (Some theologians and scholars need to recognize that layman's terms are acceptable). :)

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