New Testament Apocrypha Vol 1

ISBN: 066422721X
ISBN 13: 9780664227210
By: Wilhelm Schneemelcher R.M. Wilson

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About this book

This revised edition is a translation of the sixth German edition, just as the original English 'New Testament Apocrypha' was a translation of the third German edition. The introductions to individual texts have been either completely rewritten or thoroughly revised.

Reader's Thoughts

Bruce Morton

The standard for understanding the massive body of literature that followed the apostolic writings. A carefully documented compendium of Gnostic, literature. Expensive, and worth the investment.


I had the pleasure of spending 6 months with a two volume set of these, once. Cost was always prohibitive to own a copy and so I had to live near a Library or other friendly patron.This is a selection from the latest most complete collection of these things. It IS amazing!

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