Nick Cave: The Birthday Party and Other Epic Adventures

ISBN: 0711956014
ISBN 13: 9780711956018
By: Robert Brokenmouth

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About this book

A graphic account of how Nick Cave rose out of the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia to become the world's most inscrutable rock star. An unusually candid and often hilarious account of Cave's legendary band, The Birthday Party' is told by the author, who interviewed band members and friends to gain true insight. Features previously unpublished photos from the band's private archives.

Reader's Thoughts


How could such a fascinating subject be rendered so dull and dreary? Unenlightening and boring.


This is a slightly disappointing half-biography of Nick Cave. It focuses largely on his childhood and the seminal bad the Birthday Party (and Boys Next Door for completists). The later Bad Seeds material is covered in a single chapter.If you aren't aware of the history of the lurching beast that was the Birthday Party it is an okay account without any grand insight. There is a little too much talk about the band's play list during March-April 1981, etc and the analysis of songs is a little overwrought.The biggest disappointment is evident in the title. By focusing on grandad goth it does a large disservice to the other band members. The internal clashes drove the creativity.

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