Nico Visits the Moon

ISBN: 0938317571
ISBN 13: 9780938317579
By: Honorio Robledo Tapia

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About this book

Nico is a wild and adventurous boy—never-mind that he's still crawling. One afternoon, he crawls right past his family and out the door. Luckily some balloons are close at hand to carry him to the farthest stars. He's happy there, playing on the moon. Will he come home? Only just in time to start kindergarten.A fanciful meandering story with light-hearted 'airy' illustrations—perfect for floating.Author/illustrator Honorio Robledo was born in Mexico in 1954. He lives in Los Angeles with his family. His comic strip "La Cubeta" runs in the La Opinión weekly in Los Angeles. He illustrated El Cucuy!, by Joe Hayes.Nico Visits the Moon will also be available in Spanish: Nico Visita La Luna.Marketing highlights:• Author tour in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.• Postcards

Reader's Thoughts


This is a truly unique book, but I expect that not all will enjoy it. Like the modern art that inspires the author, it is a story that follows strange fantasies. If you read it with a light heart and enjoy the fun that Tapia has with word and pictures, it is very enjoyable, but the story taken by itself at face value will seem weird and disturbing perhaps. This is definitely one of those "down the rabbit hole" books that take you to a different reality. Because I read it that way, my preschooler enjoyed the story and was interested in the strange pictures. This could be a great book for beginning a discussion with older kids about modern art and how it makes them feel and what they think about it. Makes and interesting contrast to "Moon Plane" by Peter McCarty.

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