Nightfall at Nauvoo

ISBN: 0380002477
ISBN 13: 9780380002474
By: Samuel W. Taylor

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Reader's Thoughts

James Williams

written with a definite antimormon bias, trying to sound like an objective history, but written as a historical novel.Good reading nonetheless, it helped to put flesh on several historical characters otherwise not known well.

Linda Hart

Another one of those books that I'd give 6 stars to if possible. He tells the story of Mormon persecution, the events that led to their night time exodus from Nauvoo in the middle of winter, & the events that followed in the most compelling narrative I've ever read on the subject. It reads like exciting fiction, yet is historically accurate. To the chagrin &/or disbelief of some present day church members it tells of events & personalities that have been, for the most part, kept secret, yet leaves the reader with a profound respect for the characters (e.g. Porter Rockwell)and deepened testimony of the truth. I wish this were still in print. The library and amazon used books should have it, but in the event you are unable to attain it, you may borrow my much loved copyon that condition you send one of my young grandchildren for an estended visit and also put me in your last will & testament as inheritor of all your worldly possesions.

James M. Madsen, M.D.

A very good novel, one that humanizes Joseph Smith, for better or for worse.


A person reading this novel, by the grandson of LDS President John Taylor, will learn more factual history of Nauvoo than though reading almost any other volume of Mormon history. For what it is worth, as a young teenager, I spent many hours at the same table in the Provo (UT) Public Library with Mr. Taylor as he researched this book. He later wrote the stories from which the movies "The Absent-Minded Professor" was made.


Great historical perspective of the early LDS church. I didn't realize until well into the book that it was written by a one time member of the church and a great great grandson of early prophet John Taylor. There were a few parts that were historically inaccurate and slanted to particular and sometimes anti point of view, but overall, good background reading with interesting insights.

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