Nightfall Two

ISBN: 0586036571
ISBN 13: 9780586036570
By: Isaac Asimov

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About this book

Nightfall Two is the second half of a collection of Isaac Asimov's science fiction, short stories. Each story has been selected by the author himself, and each has an introduction specifically written for this collection by Dr. Asimov. Together the two volumes showcase Isaac Asimov's story-telling talent.

Reader's Thoughts


Amazing stories. An absolute must read for all asimov fans.


This is a collection of Asimov's stories chosen by the good doctor himself, with a little introduction talking about the antecedence of the story. The stories themselves are all good ones and classic Asimov. This is a two-edged sword, so if you're not generally an Asimov fan, this collection probably won't convert you.


Not as good as Nightfall One, but how bad can Asimov get?


Oldsk00l is, in this case, goodsk00l, and Asimov kicks all kinds of butt. The stories are of good quality, and are selected by Asimov himself covering the 1950s to the 1960s. Not least delightful are his accounts of how the stories came to be. I especially like how he basically described an important part of TCP/IP in 1962 in "My son, the physicist". 4 stars.


The best part of this anthology is the interjections Asimov writes before each short story. They give fascinating insights into the brain of this bizarre and neurotic author, discussing his own feelings about the stories and what sparked each one off. I found those preludes more interesting than the stories themselves - although those are of course top quality, this being Asimov's favourites among Asimov's works. I mean, it's Asimov. It's not going to be crap.


Good at the time

Jim Amos

Found this in my school library when I was twelve. I don't think it was even supposed to be there. Filled my head with stars and opened me up to the whole world of scifi and especially Asimov's brilliant ideas. This is definitely one compilation that changed my life.

Will Burns

Interesting and novel ideas, but not too much substance or meatiness.

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