ISBN: 0385733127
ISBN 13: 9780385733120
By: Patricia Windsor

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About this book

Casey, Gena, and Maryann can think of a way better use of a week than a senior trip to Washington, D.C. Casey's plan is simple. Ditch the trip to D.C., camp out at her parents' amazing cabin in Delonga, and accidentally "run into" Lane and his friends on their fishing trip. She knows the boys will be across the lake--her friends will thank her once they're up there. Three girls for three boys will be the perfect party. After all, what could be more fun than five days in the woods? No curfews, no rules, and no parents. No one will even know they're up there.And no one will hear them when they scream for help.When the first body shows up, it's shocking. When the knock comes on the back door, it's horrifying. And when they realize there's nowhere to hide, they'll wish they were already dead.Surviving a week in the woods is a going to be a whole lot harder than these girls could ever imagine.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Reader's Thoughts


im like halfway through it, & im really enjoying it.


** spoiler alert ** I thought it was great how it had the different perspectives of different people O: JEFF THE NEW KILLER I believe that is where the ending was going at least. But I wonder why Bailey was giving him Gena's number?


It always seems like a good idea to skip school and go away to a secluded cabin with your friends, but it seldom is. It seems important, to start, that the people you go with are actually your friends. Or friends with each other, for that matter. In fact, all of this might have gone better if any of the involved girls were anything more than high school lab partners.So these girls find themselves in the woods; the closest civilization is several blocks away. Right off, they start noticing something strange in the woods. It’s tall and stiff and keeps peeking its head in through their windows. At first, they think it’s funny.“Was that a giant penis in the window?” one of them asks.“Eewwwww. You said it! You said it!” the others shriek in creepy unison.But the laughter quickly turns to screams as the seemingly jovial erection turns on the girls and makes them wish they’d just gone on the Washington, D.C. field trip with the rest of their classmates.But they’ll never make it, thanks to the curse of the dreaded, the terrifying, the absurd....NIGHTWOOD!

Hyper Sykoe

The story was pretty slow in the beginning, and there was a lot of boring teenager drama, but it picked up quite a bit along the way and turned out pretty good in the end. There were a few details that were a bit far-fetched, but all around it was really creepy. I like it.

Casie Hart

I read this book about four years ago and it has been my favorite book eve since. It is a gripping horror story that will make your head spin with twists and turns. It's gruesome and disturbing on so many levels yet it will hold your attention until you read the very last sentance. I wanted a scary read that would make me afraid to turn off the lights at night and I got my wish. The characters are so realistic and I feel like I can identify with each of them as they fight to survive an unknown killer. Each chapter brings new thrills and new exciting mysteries to unlock. I hope that as a writer I can keep my readers as hooked on my story as Patricia Windsor keept me hooked on hers.


Plot Overview: It first started with three girls wanting to have fun. In order to have fun they had to lie to their parents and say they were going to a Washington D.C trip. In reality they went to camp in a Delgona. Casey wanted to go because she wanted to meet up with a boy. When they got there they thought everything was going well. Until they met up with Lane, the boy Casey had a crush on, then he told the girls how they couldn’t find one of his friends. They all went to look for him and found someone else dead. They wanted to call the police but they couldn’t because they would tell the girl’s parents and the parents didn’t know. They keep finding dead animals and people missing which scares the girls. Is there a serial killer? Does he want the girls? Or is it just a bear? Do their parents find out? Character Overview: Maryann was my favorite character because she had gone through so much with her dad that it is sad how he treated her. He treated her like maid and didn’t really have respect towards her. She had to steal clothes and cook for him and he would hit her if she did something wrong, even if it was the littlest mistake. This strong character reminded me of one of my friends that says how her parents hit her and she also reminds me of those people especially girl that have been raised by their fathers. I am like her because she gets scared easily like I do. Theme Overview: Disobedience = The author teaches us that when you know something is wrong you shouldn’t do it especially when your parents are not happy with this action. These girls decided to lie and it gave them consequences. My thoughts: I usually can’t find good books to read, the best ones were the twilight saga books but now I have found another amazing book, Nightwood. This book was really interesting and very well detailed. I liked how it has different points of views. It has so much suspense and I liked that because it kept me wanting to read it more and more. My teacher even once told me to put it away once because I was reading it when I wasn’t supposed to.

Bonna Hardy

I can't really remember this book...and in my mind that tells me it just wasn't for me. That's probably.what I get for reading random Teen Fiction.


The title and the cover caught my attention from the very beginning. While reading this book I myself got a little scared of what was going to happen next. I wasn't sure what was going on in the ending though about the one boy. My friend who read it told me that since he got bit he was like the guy/beast. I never understood if he was human and just really hairy or if he was a beast. This book was really good and I enjoyed reading it! If you're looking for a good book to keep you on the edge of your seat this is one!

Carly 8-3

I read the book called Nightwood, and Patricia Windsor wrote it. The genre is horror or scary. If I had to rate this book I would give it three stars because it was jumping and scary but it just wasn’t one of my favorite books I have ever read.The scenery changes a lot because there are so many characters in the book. So at times it was kind of confusing to know whom exactly they were talking bout. Other wise the plot was very well thought out and it always left me at the end seat just wanting to know what was going to happen next.I would have to say that Jeff was my favorite character. The reason he was my favorite was because he was so mysterious and wondrous. He wasn’t a main character in the book, but he did play a significant role in the book. The girls, Gina, Casey and Maryanne were also my favorite because I can kind of relate to them. They all went to the a cabin to have some fun times and just get away from everyone, and of course to meet some beautiful guys too. Little to there surprise a killer, who is just waiting to eat them, is watching them. They are cased by him all over, while the girls and the guys must fight for their lives. He attacks all of the girls and boys at the cabin. Everyone is just left hanging, and just hoping there not next. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in to scary stories and action. Also anyone who likes to be put on the edge of their seat just, that just can’t wait to see what happens next.

Katrina Knittle

This book is a decent read for Halloween. I read it back in 2008 around this time. If your looking for a book filled with nasty people, with a taste of weirdness, and cannibals then this book is so for you. Throughout the book the world of Nightwood is filled with gore. One thing that made me fall in love with this book besides the cover is that when reading I usually can predict what will or may happen. Well in this book at the time I was totally wrong throughout the book. I definitely recommend. Plus the ending is so not what your expecting.

Vincent Kyin

this book is very interesting. it is like a horror. there are 3 main characters in the book. gena, maryann, and casey. casey is the bad girl, always getting into trouble. maryann is just casey's friend following her. gena is a new girl and trying to fit in. they have this trip coming up. it is overnight trip and casey gets an idea. her idea is to trick her parents that they are going on the trip and then they will go to maryanns' cousins cabin. gena doesn't thinks that is a good idea. but later she decides to join. and when they get there strange stuff start to happen

Angela Almeida

We're all told to listen to our parents at one time or another because the consequences often will outweigh the benefits. This so happens to be true for Casey, Gena, and Maryann. All they wanted to do was get away from school, their parents, and have fun at the lake in Delonga instead of being stuck at a boring class trip in Washington D.C. Their original plan was to meet Lane and his friends at the lake, flirt, party, and have a fun time together with no one to say anything about it. What they got instead was a week of trying to survive, no one to help them, and someone in the woods watching, waiting, and trying to kill them.Nightwood is written by Patricia Windsor. She is the author of many books for young readers. She writes horror stories as well as some fantasy. Her book The Sandman's Eyes won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Juvenile Mystery.The whole story-line, I thought, was very interesting because it turned out to be something more than I expected. My first thought, even before I read the story, was that it would turn out to be a simple ending, just like the ones in movies; where the killer gets killed in the end with some people dead and very few of them survive, but it turned out to be a complete shock! The points of view the characters possessed were very realistic and you felt like you were actually in their mind, thinking and feeling whatever they thought and felt during those suspenseful moments in the story. The girls’ characters were pretty much the rolls of teenage girls wanting to have fun and breaking the rules. Casey; the leader of the group, the popular one who takes over the pack, followed by Maryann; the follower, someone who spoke up when needed to, but still followed close behind Casey, and Gena; the sweet one who never went against her parents and obeyed the rules up until the trip.The person in the woods, also known as the killer of the story, and later known as Wayne Penny, was a more interesting character because he truly was a mystery throughout the story. No one knew where he came from, what his name was, why he did what he did, until it neared the end of Nightwood. He kind of gave the story the sense of a mystery and when you discovered things about him, it gave a clearer view as to who he was and a look into his past, before he became a "beast".After reading Nightwood, it taught me to obey and not to judge people without knowing where they come from and what they are about. If the girls had obeyed and would have gone on the Washington D.C. trip, they wouldn’t have ended up in the cabin, stranded, in the woods with a killer. It also taught me not to judge because after reading what the killer went through in his past, it made me understand his motives and his way of being. I felt bad for him because he truly didn’t know it was wrong until it was too late.He was truly a misunderstood character.


I really enjoyed this book. It actually really freaked me out. Definitely worth five stars.


This book is about these girls that diss their trip to washington and go up to a cabin in Delonga i got to keep reading to find out what will happens


I picked this up for cheap at a thrift store fully intending to make fun of it all the way through, not unlike I do with over dramatized teen slasher films. However, though it did have its cheesy moments, (ie "omg lets like get drunk and party with boys" esc situations) it wasn't too shabby and kept my attention all the way through. Though I probably wouldn't have bothered if it was a longer book, it is a good quick read if you feel like having a fright. I REGRET NOTHING!

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