No Price Too High: A Pentecostal Preacher Becomes Catholic – The Inspirational Story of Alex Jones as Told to Diane Hanson

ISBN: 0898709199
ISBN 13: 9780898709193
By: Alex C. Jones Diane M. Hanson Stephen K. Ray

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Reader's Thoughts


I’m a Spirit filled Protestant. I’m visiting my local Catholic church, and found this book helpful. It has helped me understand Catholic doctrine more. I relate to the struggle with family, and with my mental and emotional struggles I’m experiencing as I try to make my way on this path that I believe God is leading me down.

Christian Orr

Highly readable, and very inspirational conversion story by Deacon Jones and his wife Donna. Highly recommended to anyone considering a converstion to Catholicism, or even to lapsed Catholics struggling with the decision about whether or not to go back to the Church...and for anyone non-Catholic Christian who questions the Biblical validity of our faith.


I love to read conversion stories. As a cradle Catholic, I find it inspiring and reaffirming to read about people's journey to the Catholic faith. Their struggles, their research, their prayer. Alex Jones is an incredibly intelligent man and his journey to the Catholic faith was both informative and uplifting. Although it saddens me to see the negative view that the Catholic faith has to many people, and it is difficult to read how the decision to embrace the Catholic faith leads to loss of family and friends (at times), it is always heartening to see the blessings poured out to those who follow where God is leading them - even when that is where they don't initially want to go.

Julie Davis

Interesting story of how digging back into Church history and how the first Christians prayed led a Pentecostal preacher, his wife, and 55 others to the Catholic Church. So far, about halfway through, the part I find most fascinating is the recounting of how Jones is pulling together the historical and scriptural to gain understanding of what the early Church was truly like ... as opposed to how his Pentecostal brethren practice their faith.


At times repetitive but a really good read. I return to it often to find reference points.

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