Off the Main Sequence: The Other Science Fiction Stories of Robert A. Heinlein

ISBN: 1582881847
ISBN 13: 9781582881843
By: Robert A. Heinlein

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About this book

Stories include...Successful Operation Let There Be Light -And He Built a Crooked House- Beyond Doubt They Solution Unsatisfactory Universe Elsewhen Common Sense By His Bootstraps Lost Legacy My Object All Sublime Goldfish Bowl Pied Piper Free Men On the Slopes of Vesuvius Columbus Was a Dope Jerry Was a Man Water is for Washing Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon Gulf Destination Moon The Year of the Jackpot Project Nightmare Sky Lift Tenderfoot in Space -All You Zombies-. Here are smart, savvy tales of space adventure, time travel, weird science, mysterious phenomena, apocalypse and dystopia, tales that reflect the concerns of their day, yet eerily foreshadow our own. There's Successful Operation, a Twilight Zone-ish gem in which a dictator gets his just desserts...Let There Be Light, about two inventors who triumph over political corruption...and On the Slopes of Vesuvius, in which a Bomb-fearing barkeep sees his worst fears realized. -And He Built A Crooked House- tells of an architect whose innovative home design leads straight into a funhouse fourth dimension. Solution Unsatisfactory gives us a chilling alternate end to WWII, while -All You Zombies- paints a time-twisty picture of the ultimate causality paradox. All these and more, including three previously uncollected stories, Beyond Doubt, My Object All Sublime and Pied Piper, display Heinlein's creative genius to full extent.

Reader's Thoughts

Sally Ember

Just not into these types of stories, I guess. Loved most of his novels, though.


A limited edition collection of stories that aren't connected to his Future History universe. I'd read many of them before, thanks to years of used-bookstore scrounging, but still quite enjoyed the compilation. The intros by Greg Bear and Michael Cassut were nicely done and informative. In general, Heinlein's earlier stories leave me feeling upbeat (if a bit inadequate); however, the later stories were much more cautionary ("The Year of the Jackpot"), but considering what he was seeing happen around him, it's easy to understand.


It might surprise some of you, but science fiction writing, historically, hasn’t paid very well. For the majority of the 20th century, science fiction writers, even the true geniuses, had to be prolific to put food on the table. And thank God for that.One example of why I’m happy for the hardships inherent in SF writing comes in the form of OFF THE MAIN SEQUENCE: THE OTHER STORIES OF ROBERT A. HEINLEIN. Edited by Andrew Wheeler, this is a collection put out by the Science Fiction Book Club that pulls together the short stories that weren’t part of Heinlein’s “future history” timeline, of which STARSHIP TROOPERS is a piece.More:


need to track this one down

Stephanie "Jedigal"

Includes three short stories published under pseudonym Lyle Monroe that had not previously been issued in any anthologies or in book form.

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