On A Hoof And A Prayer: Around Argentina At A Gallop

ISBN: 0553816799
ISBN 13: 9780553816792
By: Polly Evans

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About this book

At the age of thirty-four, Polly Evans finally fulfilled a childhood dream - to learn how to ride a horse. But rather than do so conveniently close to home, she decided to travel to Argentina and saddle up among the gauchos.Overcoming battered limbs, a steed hell-bent on bolting, and an encounter with the teeth of one very savage dog, Polly cantered through Andean vineyards and galloped beneath snow-capped Patagonian peaks. She survived a hair-raising game of polo and a back-breaking day herding cattle.Taking a break from riding, she delved into Argentina's tumultuous history: the Europeans' first terrifying acquaintances with the native 'giants'; the sanguinary demise of the early missionaries; and the gruesome drama of Evita's wandering corpse.On a Hoof and Prayer is the stampeding story of Polly's journey from timorous equestrian novice to wildly whooping cowgirl. It's a tale of ponies, painkillers and peregrinations - not just around present-day Argentina, but also into the country's glorious and turbulent past.

Reader's Thoughts


I was recommended this read by a local library. I've never been to Argentina but would love to go now and do some riding while I'm there. Easy read, it only took me a day and a half to read and gives you insights into areas of Argentina too. Very recommended, especially if you are a 'horsey-type'!!


I wanted a Bill Bryson funny travel book (it was promised on the back cover.) Instead I got heavy, detailed history of every single area of Argentina. Let me summarize: "In Argentina there have been a lot of wars."

Keith Bennett

Original adventure in Argentina this is not. One lady's holiday at a series of organised riding centres. Disappointing.

Michael Seeds

An insightful visit to the huge country of Argentina. Polly Evans is a pleasure to read.


I've read an awful lot of travel narrative/lit/essay since finishing Evans' previous installment, so had forgotten that she's more laid back than many other writers in this genre, not a bad thing, but different. At first, not being a "horse person", I'd feared that I wouldn't be able to get into the book, but those episodes are well integrated; author does a great job of covering Argentina's regions - from Iaguazu Falls in the far north to Ushuaia in the polar south. Definitely recommended.

Kimberly DuBoise

This book does a great job blending history with adventure; I enjoyed the author's style of writing and reflection. Very descriptive and informative. I see this book as a journal and memoir in one. Enjoyed this book!

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