On Beyond Zebra!

ISBN: 0394800842
ISBN 13: 9780394800844
By: Dr. Seuss

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About this book

If you think the alphabet stops with Z, you are wrong. So wrong. Leave it to Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell (with a little help from Dr. Seuss) to create an entirely new alphabet beginning with Z! This rhyming picture book introduces twenty new letters and the creatures that one can spell with them. Discover (and spell) such wonderfully Seussian creations as the Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz and the High Gargel-orum. Readers young and old will be giggling from beginning to end . . . or should we say, from Yuzz to Hi!

Reader's Thoughts


"And GLIKK is for Glikker who lives in wild weedsAnd spends his time juggling fresh cinnamon seedsWhich he's usually able to find in great numberExcepting, of course, in the month of SeptUmberWhen cinnamon seeds aren't around in great number.So that month he juggles with seeds of cucumber.


Not one of Dr. Seuss's greatest hits. It's very similar to There's a Wocket in My Pocket!, with nonsense just for the sake of nonsense. The premise is that an older boy is telling a younger boy just learning his letters that there are more exciting letters beyond Z. They all look like crazy combinations of letters already in the alphabet, and their pronunciation is given with letters of the alphabet, as are the words they're used to spell. Even my kindergartener noticed that.


As a kid I loved weird words and other linguistic hijinx, and so it's no surprise that On Beyond Zebra was on the short list of favorite Seuss books. After rereading it just now, I realized that it was special in one other way: perhaps more than any other of the master's works, it spurred me to creativity (just like Conrad Cornelius o'Donald o'Dell in the story!). Looking back with my jaded, myopic grown-up eye, I can see that the new letters beyond Z are simple amalgamations of ordinary Roman letters, but at the time I was transfixed (and highly amused) by the bizarre shapes custom-made to name exotic animals. (What did Dr. Seuss have against plants, anyway? Are they too sessile and boring for kids?) Years later I was still making up new letters for words the brother and I had invented.An aside: To this day I cannot hear the word grotto without thinking of the Yekko singing away, down in his dim cave beneath branching Gothic arches.

Jill Collins

Another book surfaced from the depths of my bookcase. I can see my mother's preferences reflected the concept, the way it encourages the child to think of all the letters beyond after you've mastered A though Z. When I was a kid all her games were to stretch the imagination, to get you outside of the box. "How many ways can you gather a bouquet of flowers?" The sillier your answer, the better. The "new" letters along with the creations are simply delightful. I'm glad I've held on to this book.

Stephanie Tuell

lots of big funny words


Fantastic book for kids! So imaginative and creative. Easy read that children will find delightful!Dr. Seuss is always brilliant! His stories and rhymes are fun and entertaining! Some of my all time favorites!! Such a great way to entertain children and get them interested in reading!

Jack Kirby and the X-man

An interesting take on the typical alphabet book - why do most people only learn the first 26 letters? What about the rest of them?Like all Seuss rhyme and rythmn are really important - and these are destroyed by non-US pronunciation of Z (ie zed, not zee) and zebra. Pronounciation difference have caused issues for me with Seuss before - but never in such a prominent and repeated way.

Alisa Rootsaert

I thought this book was witty and creative. However, it did not really serve its purpose to educate kids about their alphabet. I always loved Dr. Suess and his non-sensical books, but I cannot confirm that I ever learnt anything from them. The lesson of the book or the aim of it was not to help kids learn their alphabet, but I suppose give a fun side to memorizing the alphabet. But in terms where kids can create their own non-sensical version of the alphabet.

Brett Hollinger

It's Dr. Seuss! What more can you say? Inspirational, appropriate and fun for any age.


Introducing the letters beyond Z. Nonsense galore in black and white pictures with highlights of red and blue. Following the story, the letters are listed like in a dictionary and a final challenge is presented on the last page where a new letter is introduced and the reader is asked what it should be called.

Stephanie Martin

Picture Book 7: Dr. Seuss is definitely my favorite children's author. I enjoy the rhyming and they are always fun to read. This book is good for children because it teaches them the alphabet without them even realizing it. This book makes learning fun and reading as well. I thought it was clever that at the end of the book he asked what this letter should be called, which really gets the audience/children involved. Also, the pictures like all dr.seuss books are great and all in all this book is good.


The Good: I plan on reading all of Dr. Seuss' books this year as part of my reading challenge.http://thechroniclesofachildrensbookw... There are a lot that I wasn't familiar with at all- On Beyond Zebra being one of them. I was pleasantly surprised that it was about the love of words and not staying within the confines of popular/normal boundaries.The Bad: One of the reasons I thought I didn't like Dr. Seuss (as I mentioned in the post I shared above) was all the made up words. Unfortunately, this is another book with a lot of them and it's getting redundant and tiring.

Sham Issa

مضحك، ممتع، ومبدع. مواضيعه أكثر من مجرد قصة أطفال، رغم أنهم سيكونون الأكثر استفادة حتماً.


The 3rd book in my Dr. Seuss's challenge, the greatest so far. I see a lot of people suggesting books about thinking out-of-the-box but this is better. This book will lead a journey beyond the letter Z where most people stop! I'm so excited to have children to just read this book to them!

Kelley Beatty

The cover of this book was very dated. This book was interesting because it is all about imagination. So if you had either a class with a great imagination or a class that was a little lacking you could use this to either show them that imagination is great or to introduce them into realizing that imagination is great.

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