On The Edge (NASCAR, #3)

ISBN: 0373771037
ISBN 13: 9780373771035
By: Pamela Britton

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Contemporary Contemporary Romance Fiction Nascar Pamela Britton Racing Romance Sports Sports Romance To Read

About this book

Unknown NASCAR driver Adam Drake has some of the best moves Rebecca Newman has ever seen, both on and off the track. But she can't afford to feel anything but respect for the new driver she's hired to pilot her race car. With the financial security of her team hanging in the balance and everyone in the series thinking she's nuts, the last thing she needs is lust getting in the way of logic. Too bad Adam has other ideas.Adam isn't afraid of a challenge, but getting close to his new owner is proving to be a tougher road than some of the superspeedways he's driven. It's going to take a secret weapon--his daughter. Soon his precocious ten-year-old has Rebecca on the run--straight into Adam's arms. But can he convince her to stay with him, and leave behind the ghosts of her past once and for all?

Reader's Thoughts


Another awesome book in the series! I'm more of a drag racing fan (1/4 mile straight track), but I watch NASCAR every now and then. Britton knows how to connect her characters, and make the reader feel that connection. Even though Britton's books are more romance than anything (HQ), there is still suspense attached to it, like the racing, the maneuvers, etc... She's got an eye for detail, and her descriptions make you feel like you're actually there, at the track, feeling the truck/car engines rumbling. I think that's what I like most about the series. Britton's spent most of her life at the track, she knows what she's talking about, and if she's not certain, she asks for advice. I adore the series, and hope that she's got plenty more of her NASCAR series to come!


I couldn't get over how annoying Rebecca was. Just get over it already.


Rebecca pissed me off a lot because of her running away a lot. But in the end it was alright. 2.5/5 stars.


Another wonderful book from PB, what else can I say:)


Love the Nascar series. Author does a great job really getting into the Nascar scene.


I finished “On The Edge” by Pamela Britton last night at work. I have to say, this installment in her NASCAR series of books was, as always, a great read. Now I have to admit, I never realized it was a series until I realized that I kept seeing the same characters. Duh. LOL I have all but one of the books and I ordered the one I’m missing from PaperBackSwap last night, so I’ll have it in a couple of weeks. :)“On The Edge” is the story of Becca Newman and Adam Drake. It’s the third book in the series, with “Dangerous Curves” being the first book, although “Dangerous Curves” is not a part of the NASCAR Library Collection. Becca Newman is the widow of five-time Nextel Cup Series champion Randy Newman. She heads up her late husband’s one-car race team. When 10-year-old Lindsey Drake makes her way, on her own and without her dad’s knowledge, to Mooresville, NC to speak with Becca about giving her dad, Adam, a chance to drive for Newman Motorsports, Becca just can’t find it in her heart to refuse.This book keeps you wondering what will happen next as Lindsey makes some very obvious attempts at matchmaking. You’ll definitely laugh, and at one point, I even had to wipe tears away during a scene towards the end of the book, because it was one of those sad/happy moments. You’d just have to read the book to understand.If you are a NASCAR fan and a romance fan, I highly suggest you get started on the NASCAR Library Series books by Pamela Britton. In order they are - “Dangerous Curves” (not officially a part of the NASCAR Library but first in the series), “In The Groove,” “On The Edge,” “To The Limit,” “Total Control,” and “On The Move.” The next book, according to Ms. Britton’s website, is an untitled book that comes out in late 2009. There is a story in “A NASCAR Holiday 2″ that I believe also goes somewhere in the series, probably between “Total Control” and “On The Move” but I’m not certain. I’ll have to find the book and read the story again. :)All in all this book gets 5 stars and I definitely recommend it to any NASCAR fans out there! :)

Heather Blythe

Loved the book. could not put it down..


This was a very quick read and quite a cute story!!

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