On The Third Day

ISBN: 0749305851
ISBN 13: 9780749305857
By: Piers Paul Read

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About this book

An intellectual thriller putting forth the supposition that Christ did not rise from the dead. It questions what effect this revelation would have on the individual believer, on the Church as a whole and on the political stability of the world. Read has also written "A Season in the West".

Reader's Thoughts

Peter Burton

Well worth a read .Interesting,supplying lots of biblical scholarship and Middle East information.Plot built up better than the resolution but still quite a satisfying read.An intellectual thriller.


Piers Paul Read is very Catholic, very conservative, and this book is perfect for that audience. It's an intellectual, theological thriller, set in London and Jerusalem. It begins with archaeologists discovering the bones of Jesus in Jerusalem, and then moves to the crises of faith resulting from that - or was it a hoax? It's also the love story between the nonobservant daughter of the Jewish archaeologist who discovered the bones, and - well. That would give too much of the plot away. Behind the plot is a well formed discussion of why conservative Christians need for there to be an actual, physical resurrection. Read of course puts a lot of his own religious beliefs into the book; they're the structure behind the plot, and if they don't match your own beliefs they might get in the way here are there. Still, it's a good, smart plot with a very satisfying ending. Recommended.


Not a novel but a piece of journalism.....

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