Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude

ISBN: 0802789471
ISBN 13: 9780802789471
By: Kevin O'Malley Carol Heyer Scott Goto

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Reader's Thoughts


A book my 6 yr old as well as my twin 3 yr olds loved. A solid reading level 1 book, this cute story keeps all ages engaged with the bright colorful pictures and cute story. We loved the differences between boys and girls and how they fought over their choice of story topic. It was also nice to see the conflict resolution at the end with a compromise. A great addition to any children's library.


GREAT book for kids. A boy and a girl compete to tell a story, and as each breaks in and changes the plot a corresponding illustrator draws what each says (so there are 3 distinct picture styles). Thus a sweet, tender princess ends up spinning gold for a motorcycle dude while her ponies are kidnapped and... you get the idea. Great fun.


This is a fun book to share. I read it aloud to a group of 3rd graders today and they LOVED it. Next time I read it, I think I'll do a little more preface work, explaining that the story starts with the narration as written by the girl, and that they need to pay close attention to the expressions on the faces of the two characters as they listen to the other one read their section of the story. Great laughs!


Two kids were supposed to tell their favorite fairy tale for a school project. They couldn't agree on one story, so they made up a new one. The girl wanted a story about a princess, but the boy had other ideas. Now a buff motorcycle rider is guarding the princess's last horse from an evil giant. Your Turn to Write: Put yourself into the Three Little Pigs. You could take the place of a pig or the wolf or be a new character. What happens?


Clever whimsical "battle" between a princess and a "cool" motorcycle dude as each attempts to tell their version of a fairy tale. I read this aloud to students in kindergarten through the sixth grade and, as they say, "a good time was had by all." Even adults will delight in the wit expressed through the dueling characters dialogue.Illustrations are appealing. Hope to see more from this author in the near future!

G (galen)

Awesome!!! I'm a sucker for any book that has this phrase in it: "Princess Tenderheart goes to the gym and pumps iron. She becomes Princess Warrior."Great concept. Delightfully illustrated. My son, his little (female) friend, and I were all HIGHLY entertained.


This book is narrated by two competing voices: a tweenie girl and boy. They jostle back and forth with very different ideas about what should happen in the course of the fairy tale they are telling. My first graders can pretty much recite it by heart. They can barely contain their collective excitement through to the end. Dudes...it is awesome.

Shelley larson

Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude is a new fairy tale told by two kids: a boy and a girl. The illustrators use different types of pictures depending on who is telling the story. The girl's version of the fairytale involves a princess and her ponies while the boy's tells of giants and motorcycle dudes. This story was slightly entertaining, but I enjoyed the pictures more than the story. Genre: picture bookCopyright: 2005

NS-Christine Johnson

This book is narrated by a boy and girl who can not agree on the fairytale they are going to tell their class! Their story includes a princess and her ponies, a motorcycle dude, and an ugly giant. The two take turns spinning this into a very interesting fairytale full of excitement!

Mary Ann

Hilarious book - one of my kids' all-time favorites. Perfect for writing units, for perspective, for girl-boy tensions, and for all-out laughs.


What a FUN book :) It's about two kids - a boy and girl - who work together to create a story... taking a typical fairy tale and giving it a modern twist. The illustrations are fantastic! Can't wait to look for more by this author and illustrator :)

Mary Duvernay

A boy and girl have an assignment to write a fairytale together. One has the prince coming to the rescue; the other has the cool motorcycle dude saving the princess's ponies—for a price! It is a good way to rerite their own versions of a fairy tale. It is a very enjoyable books.


I love, love, love this book. So have my daughter's third and fourth grade classmates, especially the boys. The illustrations are great and the two characters' versions of the same fairy tale are hilarious. This is really fun to read aloud with a partner (or different voices, if you're good at that).


This book is SO fun to read! WE have read it every day this week, and I didn't get tired of reading it even 5 times in one day. Though I'm sure it's designed for an older age group, even my two-year-old LOVED it, especially the wet, stinky feet page :) Two kids share their favorite fairy tale story they made up....but they disagree on what is the "cool" story. Very fun to read....especially in different voices.

Judi Paradis

A girl and boy are paired to write a story together--the girls starts with a gooey story of princesses and ponies, which the boy then transforms into a tale of charging motorcycle dudes who battle dragons and giants. It takes a great (and unexpected) twist and turn to satisfy both genders and kids will get the joke. Probably the best book I've seen for talking about point of view.

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