Onion’s Dispatches From The Tenth Circle

ISBN: 075222011X
ISBN 13: 9780752220116
By: The Onion

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About this book

From the team that brought us the world's most popular humour publication, with half a million readers a week enjoying its satirical newspaper both in print and online at www.theonion.com, comes this latest comic masterpiece. Following in the bestselling footsteps of The Onion team's first two volumes, The Onion 3, like Our Dumb Century, will contain entirely original material and promises more hilarious satire in the same vein as: 'Muhammed Ali KOs Ronald Reagan In Nursing Home Scuffle', 'Drugs Win Drugs War', or 'Martin Luther King: I Had A Really Weird Dream Last Night'. What makes The Onion such a satirical gem is the fact that the text accompanying the headlines is just as funny. With The Onion 3 we will get many more of these brilliant and bizarre pieces. As Nicholas Lezard said of Our Dumb Century in the Guardian, 'I cannot imagine a funnier book being written - well, ever'.

Reader's Thoughts


heh, heh, heh. This made me laugh!


The first of the Onion I was ever exposed to.


Americans Unacquainted With IronyAmericans are sometimes accused of not understanding irony. What do you think?Beth JordenSystems Analyst"My doctor says I suffer from mild anemia, so I guess I better find out more."Alex HicksEmbalmer"Aristotle referred to it as a species of comedic humor, but I've never felt entirely comfortable with his definition."Dave BishopToll Booth Operator"Isn't it something they have in Europe?"_____________________________________________A note for readers who are unfamiliar with the Onion. This review is a parody of the Onion's regular American Voices column, which is always ironic. In fact, everything in the Onion is ironic and, all by itself, the publication provides ample proof that many Americans can appreciate irony. If I managed to offend you, that would also be consistent with the Onion's general policy. You probably shouldn't go and look at it; you may well be offended some more.


Somewhere on my mental top five list of cool things about living in Madison, Wisconsin, would be the piles of Onions that would appear for free on a weekly basis throughout the city. Along with the city's other free paper, The Ithsmus, it was the best newspaper in Madison.Now that I live in provincial exile, I have to purchase past Onions in book form. Worth it. At its best, The Onion is subversive and funny. At it's worst, it's in extremely poor taste (but still pretty funny).

Emlyn Splinter



Very funny in small doses. Reading more than 20 minutes in one sitting grows tiresome and become repetitive.


I never thought I'd quote Al Gore, but I completely agree with him when he gave a blurb for this book: "This publication is tasteless and destructive to our shared values....Seriously, what else could make me laugh--much less uproariously--while being offended week after week after week?"The Onion skewers everybody, and that's why I love it. Even when it pokes fun at my most cherished values, I can't help laughing. Also, this book was published in 2001, and the stories are from the ten years before that--and they're still hilarious.'Well played, Onion. Well played.

Diana Pauksta

My favorite parts are the headlines, point/counterpoint, and the 'interviews.' Sometimes, they really could have left out the stories and just had the headlines, and it would have been just as funny.

Aaron Goodier

I forget how good it is.


It's The Onion, so obliviously hilarious.


I can't exactly remember when I started reading the Onion, but hardly a day goes by without my checking in on it. It's 'America'sFinest News Source' according to their own press, and I have to tell you... they might be right. They attack popular issues as frequently as they attack meaningless crap and generally poke fun at the media to hilarious effect. Be forewarned though - if you have no sense of humor, if you hate profanity, if the idea of a retired machinist making up horoscopes doesn't sound like it's for you, put it down. Or don't - you're probably the market they're targeting to offend.

Benjamin Plume

funny, funny stuff.


Thats some funny shit!


Late Clinton era Onion greatest hits. Splendid.


Like the other Onion books, this is one to browse rather than read straight through. Its parody is kind of like some of George Carlin's humor; it leads the reader to take a second look at some things in life that he/she may not have thought much about and see how weird or ridiculous they are. God diagnosed with bipolar disorder? That would explain a lot... things like that.

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