OPM: Other People’s Money: How to Attract Other People’s Money for Your Investments — The Ultimate Leverage

ISBN: 0446691852
ISBN 13: 9780446691857
By: Michael A. Lechter Robert T. Kiyosaki

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About this book

From the author of the Rich Dad's Advisors book PROTECTING YOUR No. 1 ASSET comes a guide to making profits by understanding intellectual property.

Reader's Thoughts


You want to know how to make money so you don't have to work for someone? Someone who tells you when to go to work and when to leave. Someone who tells you how much you're worth and whether or not you have a job? Do you want finacial, emotioanl, spiritual independence? Then learn how to use OPM to get that financail freedom and happines you deserve.

Chris Ruby

Must read for business owners on how to leverage other people's time and other people's money in order to grow your business.

Lori Grant

A should-read book on entrepreneurship for knowledge workers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ivy Chua

this book one of my favorite books...i love entrepreneur books, i learned a lot from it,not only being a young entrepreneur but also dealing different lives.


was okay

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