Orion Among the Stars (Orion, # 5)

ISBN: 0812535111
ISBN 13: 9780812535112
By: Ben Bova

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About this book

More than human and less that a god, John O'Ryan is Orion, made by the Creators who rule outside of time. His purpose is to do their bidding. Now, Orion has becomee a key piece in a cosmic game between two of the Creators--Anya, the goddess he loves, and Aten, the god who toys with his destiny.

Reader's Thoughts


The last of the Orion books was, for me, the weakest. It's the same old story but this time set in the far future. The creators are whiny, egocentric bullies and Orion hates them but continues to do their bidding until the end. The book ends leaving us thinking that more is coming but after 15+ years it hasn't. Thankfully. Had there been a 6th book, I doubt I'd read it after this one.

Allen Petro

Not as good as the original Orion, but well worth getting.


Formulaic, yet fresh, if that's possible.


Today was one of those days I got to bibliophilacally debauch because I spent most of it in airports. This broadcast brought to you from Cape Girareau, Mo . . .This is the last, to date, entry in Bova's Orion series (although it's more than a decade old) and it brings the series to a stopping point, although not a close. Orion is no longer hopping through the annnals of ancient Earth history, which had the potential to make the book suck as it is Bova's ability to bring history and historical figues to life that has been much of the charm of the series so far.However, no suckitude here; Bova is also grand master of science ficiton, and the book is doesn't lose anything from being set in the future as opposed to the past, it may actually gain. Bova is a helluva story teller and does a good job of creating new worlds. And this novel has one story line; one of the maddening things about earlier Orion books is there were usually at least three different separate stories in each novel--just as you got to know, like, and admire a set of characters, Orion jumps forward, or backward, in time. In this novel, Orion wakes from death find himself a member of a genetically bred group of soldiers, sent off to fight tobred troup of a geaking up as a war on a distant planet with little sense of who they are fighting and what they are fighting for. Don't want to ruin too many plot details here, but once again he is stuck in the service of/in the thrall of Aten, who has appeared as "The Golden One," nee Apollo, in the previous series, and who agian holds out the possibiity of Orion's being reunited with the love his his lives, Anya, if he fulfills Aten's objective.Really great read. One of the most likable set of supporting characters in the series; Orion finally develops to the point at which he is able to break free of Aten's control, although his quest for Anya is incomplete; perhaps Orion the Hunter should always need to have something to hunt for.I really liked this book; I'd recommend it to anyone who loves SF, whether they've read the series or not--it's a good standalone novel. If you know the series, you'll like it doubly.

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