Our Own Metaphor: A Personal Account of a Conference on the Effects of Conscious Purpose on Human Adaptation

ISBN: 1572736011
ISBN 13: 9781572736016
By: Mary Catherine Bateson

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Our Own Metaphor, now being re-issued by Hampton Press, provide an approach to the basic question of whether humans, with their increasingly powerful technologies, will ultimately destroy the environment on which they depend or prove capable of a new level of adaptation. The book suggests that any solution to the world's myriad problems must be grounded in an empathetic understanding of systems - from the ecology of nature to the loving interdependence of families.

Reader's Thoughts


Catherine Bateson was the scribe for an interdiciplinary conference on systems theory and human adaptation, organized by her father, Gregory, in the early 70's. Interesting to see how the work of this small group has presaged the recent "breakthroughs" in complexity theory, ecological science, and systems thinking.

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