ISBN: 0380011042
ISBN 13: 9780380011049
By: Pamela Kaufman

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About this book

"Pandora came to the elite residential enclave of Paradise in the hills beyond Los Angeles ready to believe that people were naturally good, that the people there merely cultivated their oddness. There were her employers, Berdine and Lyle Gemini, who dressed up as Pluto and Medusa, owned an occult shop called 'Gorgon's Goodies,' and gave her free, as part of her job, a castle, complete with carved gargoyles and assorted necromancers. How could she know that her arrival would unleash a boxful of unexpiated murder and hate?"

Reader's Thoughts

William Sariego

A combination romance and mystery novel. Can't say it was all that good but it interested me enough that I kept reading to see how it turned out. A definite product from the 1970's, with occultism and the feminist movement on the fringes of the story.

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