Pandora’s Box: A Three-Dimensional Celebration of the Mythology of Ancient Greece

ISBN: 082122204X
ISBN 13: 9780821222041
By: Christos Kondeatis Sara Maitland

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Greece Greek Illustrated Kids Mal Gucken Mythology Non Fiction Read In 1996 To Read

About this book

An interactive exploration of Greek mythology and ancient culture for all ages. Myth, poetry, drama, art and architecture are represented by tableaux of gods, temples, oracles, amphitheatres, heroes, labyrinths and more.

Reader's Thoughts


When this first came out X number of years ago, it was so expensive for my high school self I couldn't buy it. But I waited ... and finally found it, I think(!), in the remainders bin at Borders.I love it, as it evokes so many memories of my time in Greece and the love affair that resulted thereof. And the really cool thing is that both of my children, though traveled they've not yet been to Greece, love it as well!The pop-ups are fun, and really quite amazing considering when they were created. A lesson or two (or 12) learned at the same time? All the better!

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