Pandora’s Box: The Changing Aspects of a Mythical Symbol (Bollingen Series (General))

ISBN: 0691018243
ISBN 13: 9780691018249
By: Dora Panofsky Erwin Panofsky

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About this book

Spotlighting examples of classical Greek art in the context of findings in anthropology, social history, psychology, classics & classical archeology, Pandora offers a multifaceted look at women in myth, ritual & daily life in classical Greece. Written to accompany an international traveling exhibition organized by the Walters Art Gallery, this volume examines the imagery of classical Greek marbles, bronzes, terracottas & vases in order to understand how women were perceived & how they lived. Pandora offers a new emphasis on myths dealing with the unmarried maiden & the difficulty of the transition to marriage & motherhood--as exemplified in the stories of Danae, Thetis, Atalanta & Amymone. Also explored are images of containers & wild animals as metaphors for women; rituals involving women, such as the wedding & the cult of the Little Bears at Brauron; the character & cult of goddesses & the association of women with textiles.PrefacePreface to the 2nd EditionPandora in the Medieval traditionThe origin of the "box": Erasmus of RotterdamPandora & hope: Andrea AlciatiPandora & ignorance: Rosso FiorentinoRoma Prima Pandora: Eva Prima Pandora: Lutetia Nov PandoraPandora, "gift of all": Elizabethans & Jacques CallotHesiod vs. Babrius et aliaRomanticism, Classicist & VictorianPandora on the stage: Calderón, Voltaire, Goethe & Late-Antique allegoryAddendaAddenda to the 2nd EditionIndex

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