Pandora’s Box

ISBN: 1593090110
ISBN 13: 9781593090111
By: Allison Hobbs

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About this book

Ambition, desperation, and redemption abound in nationally bestselling author Allison Hobbs's unforgettable novel about a woman forced to sink to the darkest depths of morality... and her quest to fight her way back. Victoria Carlton invested everything into her dream of becoming a singer - her hopes, her time, her life savings - only to fall victim to the harsh realities of the recording industry. Devastated, broke, and faced with the choice between committing herself and her young son to a world of homeless shelters or entering the seedy world of prostitution, she applies for a job at Pandora's Box, a downtown Philadelphia brothel that bills itself as a "massage salon". Her lifestyle quickly improves, and the gratification of instant cash replaces her willingness to find a low-paying, legitimate occupation. One day, an unlikely customer appears at Pandora's Box. Young, handsome, and well dressed, he is immediately drawn to Victoria. The two begin a love affair fraught with complications, leaving Victoria plagued by guilt and insecurities until a botched robbery and the murder of a coworker compel her to look beyond the fast money and reclaim her morals - and her life.

Reader's Thoughts

Emily Saunders

A really great quick easy read. Very sobering.

Damera Blincoe

Out of all of the Allison Hobbs books that I have read, I have to say that this one was my least favorite. The characters didn't really have any depth. The main character, Victoria, is a recording artist who finds herself in a bind financially and takes a job at Pandora's Box, a brothel disguised as a massage parlor. The ladies that work at Pandora's all have some sort of problem whether is has to do with men, sex, the law, or drugs. The story jumped around a lot and the relationship between Pleasure (Victoria) and one of the men who paid for her services was really awkward and not well thought out. I'm upset that we never got to know what happened with Victoria and her singing career. I'm also upset that we never really got to know the other characters instead of their names just being thrown around and being placed in different parts of the book. The story could have been much better if the time had been taken to really develop the idea. I'm glad that I've read other books by her before I read this one or I may have never picked up another one of her books again.

Euftis Emery

Use the following link to watch the video review: Hobbs came to my attention when began offering her book Insatiable with mine. Curious, I then picked up Pandora's Box to become familiar with her writing style and finished reading it on a round trip flight to Portland, Oregon.I expected Pandora's Box to be a raunchy romp of sex, money, sex, drugs, and more sex since the book revolves around a prostitute who works in a modern day whore house. However, I was surprised to find that the book is an intense drama that illustrates how women from all walks of life (I.e., white, black, educated, welfare recipient, sanctified and heathen) can get caught up, chewed up, and spit out by the prostitution game.My only regret reading this book is that Allison leaves far to much to the imagination with the sex scenes for my tastes (ya'll know I'm nasty...). Therefore, if you are looking for a volcanic erotic read...Pandora's not it.However, if you are looking for a riveting story that will make you think. This is the book for you. It will force you to look at yourself and ask the question, "...what would I do...if I hit rock bottom." Excellent read!Euftis EmeryAuthor of Off the Chain


This book is my least fav out of the ones I have read by Allison Hobbs... It is just plan boring and not alot of depth...Hoping it will pick up but it's been over a week since I have been trying to read this book and I'm a fast reader I woulda been finish reading this but it's just plain boring...

Betzy Pineda

Pandora's Box was such a big example on how many young women's suffer everyday in life to support themselves and their families. As you read in this novel of Pandora's Box, it demonstrated how Victoria was in a situation in trying to find a job and could not find what to do with her. It concluded in which she had to think of getting money fast and easy. Victoria is he main character of the story in which talks how she use to be a devoted singer or wanted to be but it never worked out. Victoria turns into a brothel as money was not enough for her to supply for herself and son until she found out about Pandora's Box. She had to think about her only son and think on his life and getting her money all together. She one day went and tried to work at Pandora's to see if it would work out. It worked out and she was suddenly working at Pandora's Box. Pandora's Box was a Prostitute House where girls went and worked to get easy money. As she starts working at Pandora’s Box she starts dealing with difficulties with her other co-workers and she does not like her job. Though she receives customers on daily basis and she see the money coming in real good. She deciding now to stay and make even more money. Customers who come for her service pay for her on things she usually does at work. There was one customer in which fulfilled her very much and changed her life. His name was Kareem. She felt very comfortable with him and basically he changed her life in thinking of living Pandora’s Box and being with him. The story and book was real good. I enjoyed it very much. Just to see how many young mothers suffer to get money to provide for there kids and families took my attention very much. I recommend this book to many people to read.

Tahasti Hopper

This was interesting to see what a mother would do for her child

Eva Leger

** spoiler alert ** I finished this last night, sooner than I expected actually. Hobbs did a great job with this in my opinion. When I first started reading it I got the impression it might be a little slow and that wasn't the case at all I'm happy to say. I also thought it might be too detail oriented back in the beginning which is wasn't. Hobbs gives a decently detailed look into what it's like to be a woman working a "normal" job, raising a son by herself, having her dreams crushed by someone else, and then having to do things she'd never dreamed of doing. Victoria is the main character and she is/does the things I mentioned above. She also is about to get evicted and needs money asap. She finds a ad in the paper for a "full-service" massage parlor and despite her misgiving, applies and gets hired. Most of the book deals with the day to day goings-on in the parlor, the other women, the tricks, etc. It gives the air of being brutally honest and quite realistic for being fiction. The reasons I didn't give this four stars have to due with the ending. It was a little too happily tied up for my taste. It was one of those books where you already know, right from the beginning, that there will be a happily ever after. With a book that's so realistic in every other aspect, that doesn't sit well with me. Another thing was a side story sort of thing that happened at the end. A girl that worked at Pandora's Box opened her own shop, although it was somewhat different than Pandora's. She, of course, meets and does a session with a lunatic and ends up murdered. That's another thing I felt sure was going to happen eventually- I just didn't know to who. I do have to admit this- as much as I didn't like those two aspects of the book, Hobbs did handle them well still. She couldn't have made the book any better, in my opinion, without taking those situations out or drastically altering them. Overall, I'd love to give this more than a 3 star rating but the two complaints I have keep me from giving it 4 stars. Definitely 3.5 though! :)

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