Patient Heal Thyself: A Remarkable Health Program Combining Ancient Wisdom with Groundbreaking Clinical Research

ISBN: 1893910245
ISBN 13: 9781893910249
By: Jordan S. Rubin Gary F. Gordon

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About this book

Details on how you can make lasting changes in your life, by learning the health secrets that allowed our ancestors to live long, disease-free lives. You will learn how to regain your health if you've lost it, how to maintain the excellent health that you currently enjoy, and even slow the process of premature aging.

Reader's Thoughts

Jenny Quiroz

This book started me on the path to health over 15 years ago. It's a rocky road and I still struggle. I believe if I hadn't found this book I would already have had an illostomy<--? bag by now from my crohns disease.


The Makers Diet by the same author is basically this book revamped into a better version. Excellent fro anyone suffering from illness of any kind in my opinion.


Not a fan of this book. I felt like it was ploy to get the reader to buy all the supplements, but I suppose if it works for people that's great.


He seems like someone who cares, who's sharing his exp.(rather than just making a buck), and also like his regimen is well-researched.


affrirmed my learning from his book The Maker's Diet enough to finally get me off my butt and buy some probiotics.


I wanted to learn more about digestive health and this was the only book the library had. For me it was a page-turner full of excellent cutting-edge research mingled with infomercial for Garden of Life nutritional supplements. I wish I could have had the health info without the product info, but it was still interesting and the products featured are high quality for those in the market for supplements.


Highly recommended for anyone who is suffering any major dis-ease--to those who want to avoid it.


As a Celiac this book prompted me to think more seriously about greens, and digestive health on the whole. It was an interesting concept that set me on the road of experimentation. I tried his Perfect Food supplement - beware that the author uses his Chrone disease personal experience to market a canned buffet of different, expensive, powdered health remedies... The Perfect Food uses wheat, oat and rye grasses which are supposedly gluten-free, a scary concept for my intestines, along the standard "green" supplements, and probiotics, and it basically de-toxed me for three weeks. I mix it in OJ. I released a ton of crap (literally), thirst for water (good), am less hungry and I released 4 lbs in the process. I feel tired and can't tell if it is a possible Celiac response or just my life. Everyone notices a difference in the way I look, and now I crave the drink. Placebo? Perhaps. It makes my super-sensitive-celiac son very sick - I don't think it is totally gluten free. Good read for the concept.

Denise Messenger

I have had this book forever! It is really quite engaging. The author shows how he became well again and helped family members. You can't get a better testimonial than this. He stresses the importance to nutrition and supplements for regain vibrant health. Good read.


A couple of chapters in, I'm not enjoying the heavy God and Bible talk, and I'm not looking forward to reading about anything called "The Maker's Diet". However, I'm with Rubin on the subject of avoiding false-promise, and sometimes dangerous, medical "cures", when one can find health through nourishment. It is sadly overlooked that our sleep, nervous system, and immunity are connected to our intestinal health and that in addition the hormone and chemical filled "conventional" food people eat is hurting our health. The book also seems well-researched, and the idea of little known soil organisms seems intriguing, but I agree with others that the fact that the book is so inextricably tied to his company and his product makes it less appealing....I finished the book, and I would have given it 4 or 5 stars based on the invaluable information, but have to give it 3 because it is so poorly organized, heavy on self promotion, and heavy on "maker" talk. Any good writer trying to reach a wide audience about their health must anticipate that they will have readers who do not believe in a creator god and do not want to be sold products. The convincing argument about a "bible diet" is not that "God" wanted us to eat this way, but that there is ancient wisdom to be gleaned from that time period, such as why we once ate fermented sauces which were replaced by today's sugary, non-fermented versions, much to the detriment of our health. As I said, this book has a wealth of information and recommendations that might have been better presented, but are useful nonetheless.


This is an interesting story of a man who became so sick everyone thought he was dying and the doctors gave him no hope. He started experimenting with his diet and discovered some foods were killing him. He ended up healing himself and offers his discoveries to anyone who may suffer similar problems.

K. Rozier

Excellent information about why so many are sick. He offers solutions to help people attain better health. Very interesting personal story and beneficial nutritional information.

Chelsea Stevens

I have read this before about 5 years ago. It is more applicable now than ever. America is rampid with gastrointestinal issues, James & I aren't any exception and the scientific depth and truth from this book is really life changning!! HIGHLY HIGHLY reccomend it especially if you are in a serious health crisis!

Peyton Jones

I don't like the product pushing in his books but there are some things worth reading in here.

Adrienne Johnson

I have read The maker's Diet several times and got this book from a friend. I felt like there was a lot of hype over his own line of probiotics and various other supplements, which was a little off-putting. I don't like feeling like I'm being sol on something. However, I do appreciate his dietary suggestions and lists of therapeutic foods.

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