Paul Virilio (Routledge Critical Thinkers)

ISBN: 0415359643
ISBN 13: 9780415359641
By: Ian James

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About this book

Paul Virilio is a challenging and original thinker whose work on technology, state power and war is increasingly relevant today. Exploring Virilio's main texts from their political and historical contexts, and case studies from contemporary culture and media in order to explain his philosophical concepts, Ian James introduces the key themes in Virlio's work, including:speed virtualization war politics art.As technological and scientific innovations continue to set the agenda for the present and future development of culture, communications, international economy, military intervention and diverse forms of political organization, Virilio's unique theoretical and critical insights are of enormous value and importance for anyone wishing to understand the nature of modern culture and society.

Reader's Thoughts

Chris Schaeffer

I read a little bit of Paul Virilio, some articles and interviews and a few books, and had some big problems with his methodology. I also found that his stance towards biopolitics, while generally pretty well-developed for what it was (despite my own take on it) started to find awfully regressive when it came to sexual emancipation.This book was very helpful in contextualizing the broad sweep of his arguments and shedding some light on what may appear a little fishy at first glance. Although, neither this nor anything else I've been able to find addresses the disturbing level of hostility or dismissal Virilio (as well as others in his rough circle, including Zizek) hold towards transgendered people.

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