Peer Pressure (Girl Talk, #9)

ISBN: 0307220095
ISBN 13: 9780307220097
By: L.E. Blair Cathy Lasry

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Reader's Thoughts

Diah Didi

Ahh, bacaan jaman SD neh! Katie&Scottie Silver ... you rock!!

Sheila Read

these books were like reading a diary each book was different though it was like you were in school again.


Seru banget ceritanya, jadi pengen baca lagi, dulu soalnya cuma minjem di perpus sekolahan, masih ada yang jual ga ya tuh buku.

Soraya nasution

don't judge a book from it's cover.....this book teach u about what is the meaning of true friends.....


Gue penggemar berat...Baca-nya pas jaman2 gue SD/SMP gitu deh....rame2 ke Gramedia bareng sepupu2 gue...ngeborong tiap seri dari Girl talk trus tuker2-an...Norak emang...yah namanya juga anak SD....Btw...I was in love with Scottie Silver...weren't u?? ;-P

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