Penguin Pete

ISBN: 1558583564
ISBN 13: 9781558583566
By: Marcus Pfister Anthea Bell

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About this book

Pete the penguin has a good time playing on land with his fellow birds and learning how to swim in the sea.

Reader's Thoughts


The eyes of the Penguins in this book make me laugh. The illustrations are fun. The text content per page is about 4-10 lines per page. Some pages with more lines can overwhelm under-confident readers. The book has many lines of dialogue. The friendship developed between Pete and Steve is nice because it fosters making friends with people who might be different than you. The book also might be a good book for a child dealing with a friend moving away but it's not specifically geared for that. The book lacks a real plot Steve moves away and there is some what I thought was foreshadowing that he might visit later but that never happens and the book ends abruptly without a resolution. It's almost like the writer just gave up so It's getting a low rating from me.

Katie Murray

Well, lets see. I don't remember this book and i've never read it. But now I intend on it because I love penguins!! And ice skating penguins will just make anyone smile.


Penguin Pete, written by Marcus Pfister tells the story of a little penguin named Pete who is learning to fit in. Pete was a small penguin who would get made fun of because of his size. Pete wanted to be like the other penguins and swim in the sea. Pete met a bird named Steve. Steve was trying to teach Pete to fly, but Pete’s a penguin and he cannot fly. Marcus Pfister uses easy vocabulary so that children can read this book on their own. Marcus also teaches children about what life is like as a penguin. The illustrations help children relate to and follow the story with ease. Illustrations in children’s books make stories more enjoyable and help children recognize different shapes and objects. This book is perfect for children 4 to 8 years of age.


I like the penguin and his personality, the soft "snugged" illustrations are lovely, but the plot is all muddled up and I'm not sure what the point is.

Melanie Park

cute book by Marcus Pfister- same writer as Rainbow Fish

Rebecca RDG 3320

This is such a funny book. It is a nice addition to read when learning about Penguins and you could do a KWL chart to get thoughts going. All of these books are cute.

Plainfield Public Library District

I registered a book at!

Sohail Majid


Hillary Hayman

Adorbale story of a small penguin trying to fit in.


This is the story of a penguin who wants to grow up very quickly but, of course, can’t. He tries to keep himself occupied on land by skating and spinning, and one day he meets a bird and tries to fly. When that doesn’t work, his mother decides that the next day he can go into the sea for the first time. I thought the images were lovely but the book wasn’t very interesting.

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