People of the Breaking Day

ISBN: 0689816847
ISBN 13: 9780689816840
By: Marcia Sewall

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1991 Children's Books Native American Nature Study Non Fiction History North America North American History Picture Books To Read World Study

About this book

In this companion to The Pilgrims of Plimoth, the Wampanoag people of what is now southern Massachusetts collectively describe themselves and their beliefs at the time of Massasoit, just before their first contact with Europeans. Sewall's gentle paintings harmonize with her text's dreamy, poetic tone.--Kirkus Reviews. Full color.

Reader's Thoughts


Second graders are studying Native American tribes. This one is from the perspective of the Wampanoag people. Nice paintings, lots of information, (though I am uncertain of the information's provenance)... but, ultimately, far too long for second graders in one sitting. Maybe I'll try it again over the course of two sessions. Maybe I'll find a different book in the future.

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