Perspectives on Our Age: Jacques Ellul Speaks on His Life and Work

ISBN: 0887846971
ISBN 13: 9780887846977
By: Jacques Ellul William H. Vanderburg

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About this book

Originally broadcast on CBC Radio's Ideas as a series of interviews, Ellul's first-person approach here makes his ideas accessible to readers looking for new ways of understanding our society. Perspectives on Our Age also gives unique new insight into Ellul's life, his work, and the origins and development of his beliefs and theories.

Reader's Thoughts

Zachary Kovitch

a great, concise look at a few of the main points in the work of Jacques Ellul by Ellul himself. this book starts with a short autobiography, depicting his trajectory and ends with a couple of dynamic essays by Willem Vanderburg on the subject of technique and so on.

Alex Stroshine

This is an excellent, brief introduction to Jacques Ellul's life and his analysis of technology, society and the Christian Revelation. This book is divided into four short sections, the first being a fascinating biographical sketch of Ellul, the middle two being an exploration of how technology has radically altered our society and the last section being a reflection on how Christians should live in light of the Christian Revelation and the technological society. Ellul advocates living as "mutants," as those who USE technology but who are not OF technology. Marx's influence on Ellul also comes out in these short essays.


Ellul is one of those thinkers who I never agree with quite as much as I hope to (a little like Ivan Illich), but whose thought nonetheless always energizes me, inspiring many new questions and encouraging me to continue to read more of his work. Perspectives on Our Age may finally move me to read his The Technological Society, which I've sort of always meant to read anyhow.

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