Peter Norton’s Complete Guide to Microsoft Office 2000

ISBN: 0672311747
ISBN 13: 9780672311741
By: Peter Norton Jill T. Freeze Wayne S. Freeze

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About this book

Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Microsoft Office 2000 provides intermediate and advanced users with the insight into Microsoft Office that they need to get the most out of Office. The book focuses on useful features such as mail merge, tables, and templates in Word and data analysis and charting in Excel. While the basics of these features are well known to many users, getting into the guts of these features to get the most value out of the programs can be difficult. This book goes into more depth on these topics than you will find in the many comprehensive Office books available that cover a wider audience range.Also given emphasis in this book is the topic of customizing Office and the individual applications to make them work the way you want them to. Advanced users will also get considerable value from the section on VBA for each of the applications.

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