Playhouses You Can Build: Indoor and Backyard Designs

ISBN: 1552093158
ISBN 13: 9781552093153
By: David Stiles Jeanie Stiles

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B15 Children D I Y Garden Hobby Home Home Library Non Fiction To Read Upstairs Right

About this book

Build a lifetime of MemoriesWhether simple or architecturally fanciful, a playhouse can be a magical place for your child. David and Jeanie Stiles use their own experiences to guide the amateur carpenter through the steps necessary to build an imaginative playhouse -- for the backyard, basement or playroom.Designed to be put together with easy-to-obtain materials and common handyman tools, with clear step-by-step diagrams, these playhouses can be constructed by anyone who has basic carpentry skills (or a willingness to learn) and a weekend or two of spare time.Projects include: A cardboard-box playhouse, a gingerbread playhouse, a fiberglass whale, a barn bed playhouse, a spook playhouse, a U.F.O. playhouse, a tree house, a log playhouse, a garden trellis playhouse, a three-legged fort and a complete selection of accessories.

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