Poema del Cante Jondo

ISBN: 8423919617
ISBN 13: 9788423919611
By: Federico García Lorca Luis García Montero

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Reader's Thoughts


"Los cien enamorados duermen para siempre..."Ah, so sad and beautiful.

Ola Jamous

ما في شك إنو شاعر كبير .. بس كوني قرأتو من نسخة pdf .. كان التصوير مش واضح ببعض القصائد و الترجمة سيئة يمكن هالأشياء أثرت عتقييمي شوي .. لأني كنت مستنية إشي عظيم



Gustavo Hernandez

Es un poema bueno, aunque menciona mucho la muerte, los poemas son geniales.


This version has the original Spanish pooems alongside their English translations. I had difficulties understanding some of the poems, maybe it would have helped to have lived in Spain in the 1920s. Many of the poems seemed to deal with death, loneliness and the sublime. Some of the poems were very sad, others were somewhat diquieting. Although the poems were written in a brief and simple style, It took me a while to get through them. This was a very moving collection of poems and I suspect I'll have to read it again to get it's full impact.




A certain day of the week bought this for me; a lovely gesture.

cras culture

elegiac and mysterious, this is apparently the first published book of lorca's verse. it is centered around paying active homage to the gypsy peoples of andulusia. but lorca takes this premise and uses it for his own ends. i've read almost all of lorca's writing at some point, but very little of the folks he references which makes me wonder, am i a lazy reader? am i relying too much on lorca's perspective? nonetheless, what a perspective it is! filled with olive trees and daggers, these terse and compact poems distill a lot into a (usually) pointed half-page or less. they definitely have the air of intrigue, but also an airy gorgeous element which is both natural and creepy. i especially liked the play excerpt tidbits and adjoining poems at the end of the book and it makes me eager to re-read his other plays which i don't remember much of anymore.

جابر طاحون

Gamal elneel

قرأت النسخة المترجمةيقول لوركا :أمرأة حزينة تجردت لتستحموحول جسمها تناثر المحارونسمة الشاطئ تجعلها تبتسميا حسنها عارية كأنها عروسة بحر تطلع فى جدول تألقت كـ شعاع فجررعى جمالها الملائكةخدودها كوردة السماء تفيض فوقها جداول الحليبدافئة وحلو وبلا انتهاء

David Ceballos Correa

Otro cancionero hondo brillante del maestro García Lorca. En virtud de dicha melodía, magnificar: Seis caprichos - Adivinanza de la guitarra (capricho número uno): 'En la redonda / encrucijada / seis doncellas / bailan. / Tres de carne / y tres de plata. / Los sueños de ayer las buscan / pero las tiene abrazadas, / un Polifemo de oro. / ¡La guitarra!'

Jerry Landry

This collection of poems dealt with traditional lyric forms with twists added by Lorca. The reader is treated to beautiful images and descriptions of the life and scenery of Andalusia. I highly recommend this book and in particular this edition as it has the poems in Spanish and English side by side. I found myself reading the Spanish aloud to get a sense of the rhythms and tones that Lorca intended, though the English translation tried to retain that as closely as possible.

Mohamed Fawzy

نفس الأسلوب المُكثف و الذوبان فى الطبيعة كما فعل فى ديوانِه الأول . بالتكرار فقدت حلاوتُه بكارتها ..


Poorly translated, but still (I read it in spanish...what I could) and enjoyed it.

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