Poems (Highbridge Classics)

ISBN: 1598870394
ISBN 13: 9781598870398
By: W.B. Yeats T.P. McKenna

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About this book

This compelling collection spans Yeats's career: from the poems of his early years, which display his interest in Irish myths and his hopeless passion for Irish patriot Maud Gonne, to the soaring, majestic poems of his old age. Works of precision, economy and sensuous, lyrical beauty, they include "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," "The Wild Swans at Coole," "Byzantium," and "Leda and the Swan."

Reader's Thoughts


I don't have nearly enough background to deal with or adjudicate this collection. Things started to pick up for me with The Wild Swans at Coole and never looked backed. I didn't "get" many of the poems that dealt with Irish mythology, and I just didn't have the time to google each name associated with the various Irish rebellions. Someday. Lyrically, each poem was beautiful, sometimes quirky, and always oozing (sorry, but it's the best word) with subtext and emotion. In the uncollected poems toward the end, I was often disturbed by the thoughts coming from Yeats' pen. But then, so was he.




This is the quintessential collection of the poetry of Yeats. It's dense and a bit difficult to get through, but the best part of the book are the detailed appendices and extensive explanatory notes. These both include long quotes from Yeats' personal writings, lectures and conversations, which help shed light on where the inspiration for his poetry came from. This is especially helpful with the Irish mythology that plays such a big role in his work. It's also delightful to discover that many of his poems came directly from dreams he had - several times he says he woke up and "took dictation" without anything extra added! The explanatory notes are so fascinating, I wish they had an index, so I can look specific stories up when I need to.

Roisin O'Brien

Having just wrote my dissertation on Yeats, it's hard to get any perspective on him and why I like his poetry (and plays) so much. I'll get back to you.

Abdulaziz Almadi

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