Poetry for Young People: Edward Lear

ISBN: 0806930772
ISBN 13: 9780806930770
By: Edward Mendelson Laura Huliska-Beith

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About this book

Utterly delightful to read aloud, and for parent and child to share, Edward Lear's humorous verses shine with irrepressible joy and rhythm. Filled with exuberantly nonsensical made-up words (like "Scroobius Pip" and "pobble"!) that tickle the funny bone, his work gives free rein to youthful imaginations. What better to foster a love of poetry than the immediately appealing The Owl and the Pussy-Cat, with its effortless rhymes, songlike beat, and charming animal characters? Or The Quangle Wangle's Hat, which tells the tale of a creature who warmly welcomes everyone--and so makes everyone cheerful. In Dingle Bank, even some young and mischievous boys punished by their schoolmaster make the best of their situation and succeed in having a good time. Bright and fanciful paintings--all as wildly energetic and unrestrained as the language itself--add to the enjoyment. 20 examples of Lear's finest poems will entice children over and over again--and, as always, this acclaimed series features fascinating biographical information, introductions to each verse, and full annotations that define difficult vocabulary.

Reader's Thoughts

Arionne Mccray

I love the rhyming in this book. I love the way everything is colored and drawn out.

Catherine Fevery

Edward Lear is a very creative writer in his children's poetry. This book was, full of the craziest made up words that you can think of. It is great for keeping children's attention though because they will be amused by the words they hear and read in this book. Also, the illustrations in this book are very cartoonish and eye catching. I would suggest this book as something to read to your children. Children would enjoy being able to look at the creative pictures while being read the ridiculous rhymes. The poems in this book are great for introducing children to poetry and can help the younger children learn how to rhyme and shows them which words rhyme with what. The book seems as though it is targeted at a bit of an older age group, children eight to ten, but would be a good book for parents to read to their children as well.

Cesar Lopez

Good childrens book includes plenty of easy to read kids poems. Interesting themes. An example of this the the very first poem, the owl and the pussy cat. it shows two should be enemies who sacrifice to be together.


a good selection of poems and information about the poems explaining them to childreni love the way this series presents the poems with beautiful pictures and explianations


Call me picky, but when someone falls in love with a girl with green hair, she should not have red hair in the illustration next to the poem!!! I had several other issues with the illustrations being off. I really enjoyed the poems though!

Leonel Dominguez

There was an old man with a beard, who said,'It is just as i feared!.Two owls and a hen, four larks and a wren, have all built their nests in my beared!"Edward Lear like reading to children and doing poems for them.

Karina Arroyo

I found this book exciting! I am honestly surprised by how much of a great job this kind of poetry book does while trying to present poetry to children. Not only does this book have creative poetry but it also has amazing illustrations. However, the most amazing thing about the "Poetry for Young People" books is that they also provide short definitions of words that children may not know right on the page where the word is located. I think these books are being made in order to assure children learn about poetry but also grow some interest. Learning about poetry is very important because it is a way of expressing ones feelings. Understanding poetry or figurative language is important in order for children to have a better understanding of what is being said by people in their surroundings. I also liked how on top of each poem their is kind of like an introduction or explanation of the poem that follows, this in a way is to assure students understand what they are reading. In the end, i think that many of the poems in this book are very creative and fun and i think overall they were chosen becuase the collector knew it would grab the attention of children.

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