Poltergeist II: The Other Side

ISBN: 0345333829
ISBN 13: 9780345333827
By: James Kahn

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About this book

Is there no getting away from it?The Freeling family has moved go Phoenix, far away from their Cuesta Verde home, which was the site of so much mayhem. But they are haunted again, by... An angry voice...a swarm of bees...slome-oozing beasts...a walking dead man.They seek help to free themselves from the unknown terror that haunts them- and find themselves in an adventure no one ever could have dreamed of.

Reader's Thoughts


E. Buzz has to be the stupidest pet name ever.

Jean-francois Boivin

This one of those superior novelizations which makes the movie better. It has lots of added scenes (whether they were from the original movie script or from the mind of the author) that explain a lot more of what's happening, including everything that happened between the two films. There are few differences, but one is the events take place four years after the first movie, while in the movie POLTERGEIST II: THE OTHER SIDE it is one year later. I enjoyed all four of James Kahn's movie novelizations.

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