Pompeii: Lost and Found

ISBN: 0375828893
ISBN 13: 9780375828898
By: Mary Pope Osborne Bonnie Christensen

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About this book

The famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius that snuffed out life in Pompeii and buried the town has long been a fascinating moment in history for children. This book presents that dramatic story with Mary Pope Osborne’s brief text and with stunning frescoes created by Bonnie Christensen, using the same colors, style, and technique as the ancient frescoes unearthed at Pompeii. In addition to the destruction of Pompeii and the rediscovery of the ruins nearly 1,700 years later, the book shows what daily life was like in this prosperous Roman town in the year 79 A.D.

Reader's Thoughts

Bonnie Ferrante

Pompeii Lost and Found is a nonfiction picture book for children in grade 4 and up. It begins with an explanation of the devastation of Pompeii by the volcanic explosion of Mount Vesuvius. The book leads us through the archaeological discoveries of an entombed city. It explains the artifacts and what they mean with regard to the life of the historic city. There is just enough information at each page to pull the reader through the book. It is written in a style sure to intrigue all readers and is filled with juicy tidbits such as, “They’ve also found graffiti written about gladiators, such as ‘Celadus, glory of the girls, heartthrob of the girls.’”Bonnie Christensen’s amazing illustrations given air of authenticity to the book. She adapts the style of her art to the subject matter once again by creating genuinely frescoes to tell the story of Pompeii. In Italy, the artist learned how to paint pure pigment mixed with water on wet plaster, like the ancient Romans, creating a fresco. She explains the process in a note at the end of the book. As we turn the pages, it feels as though we have walked into an ancient city. The texture of the frescoes is authentic and fascinating.Children, and adults, of all ages will learn from and enjoy this exceptional book. Highly recommended.


This is a beautiful picture book that is also an informational text.The illustrator used a fresco technique that was reminiscent of Pompeiian art. There are descriptions of the humans that were killed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius,but this book is not gory. It focuses on the way artifacts were used to piece together a picture of daily life in Pompeii.

Katie Sicking

I loved this book about Pompeii. It's an informative and colorful nonfiction book that I think children would find very interesting.


a good children resource

Jessica Hancock

Great resource to have in a class library. This would be good for students doing a research project or even just for readers who prefer non fiction text.

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