Poppy & Rye

ISBN: 0788731637
ISBN 13: 9780788731631
By: Avi John McDonough

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Reader's Thoughts


There's so much more to this book than this, but it's worth noting that the hero is a female. Poppy is brave and performs daring rescues without the help of a male. Also, the banter of the developer-beaver is laugh-out-loud funny!

Joe Palmo

Poppy and Rye is a very good book. Poppy a deer mouse is traveling to tell Ragweed's family that Ragweed has been killed by an owl. On the way she meets a golden mouse. Later she learns his name is Rye. Rye has always been overshadowed by Ragweed. You will like this book if your adventourous.


This was a great book to read to/with young readers. You can really create a picture/voice of the characters in the book, and get into it by using your own perceived voices.


I just love this book. When I go to bed I spend 30 minutes silently looking through page to page. The only thing I didn't like was how Rye was so shy. I love how Avi makes the books so memorable to read I don't think that no one would not enjoy the series. If you read one of his books then you'll keep on wanting to read read read. So I suggest that you buy one of the Poppy series!

Jesse Zellmer

Poppy and Poppy and Rye are kid's books yes, but I feel like these are like dark disney movies that surprisingly have a lot to offer in terms of the themes of survival, love and loss, romance and family, while still maintaining that talking animal charm. These are mature and realistic feeling novels that aren't as light as something like the Lion King but not as dark as something like Watership Down, but these are more or less a "my first survival novel" type of books.


My kids and I are continuing to enjoy these stories about Poppy. We're listening to them on tape, so that may be part of the charm. The narrator is doing an excellent job of maintaining terrific voices for the different animals. This makes crotchety Ereth's swearing even funnier ("spider spit" and the like). Ereth is a porcupine, by the way. Like Ragweed and Poppy, Poppy and Rye alludes to greater social and societal issues than simply two mice falling in love and, together with Ereth and Rye's family, defeating a troop of beavers. This book brings up questions of environmentalism (subtle, but there) as well as progress for the sake of progress v. evaluating the current status quo before forging ahead. It's a little slower than Poppy, but if you're vested in the characters it shouldn't be a problem.Great characterization as usual and just the right level of adventure for elementary school students.

Ginni Dickinson

Just finished reading this to my students. This is the second in the Dimwood Forest Series. However we also read Ragweed, which is sort of like a preqel. Usually I just read three of these Avi books and let my students continue on their own. However they all insisted that I read Ereth's Birthday, #3 in the series next. I'm looking forward to this, as this one I haven't read. They are such well written stories about forest animals engaging in human like activities. I think, at least I hope, that my students learn a lot about human nature from these stories.

Cindy Miller

It was hard to follow at the beginning. There are so many characters to track. I loved the romanticism, though. Avi creates beautiful illustration in my mind with his words.


I really liked how the settings were mostly in poppies homey nest. The whole adventure in the book when the family tried to stop the beavers was fun. And the knowing when characters were sleeping together was really calming.


A wonderful series of books focused around a mouse named Poppy and her adventures. This story is about her and her new love Rye. I am an even bigger fan of #1- Poppy, but that was not an available choice.




** spoiler alert ** I am on the hunt for another book from the Poppy series to read aloud to my students. The problem is that I think Poppy is a great read aloud, but my future students have already heard Poppy in third grade.This one did not stack up to Poppy for me. I thought the love story between Poppy and Rye was too cutesy, convenient and not well-developed. I also didn't think the beavers were as effective a nemesis, as Mr. Ocax.


The book Poppy is about the edge of Dimwood Forest stood an old charred ok where, silhouetted by moon,a great horned owl sat waiting. The owl's name was Mr.ocax, and he looked like death himself. With his percing gaze,he surveyed the lands he called his own, watching for creatures he considerd his subjects. N o one dared to cross the path cause if he saw some one cross the path he would fly afther them. Mr.

Anastasia Zalesski

The book is wonderful and so is the series !!! The book made me laugh or cry maybe even get MAD a little bit ! It was beautifully put together !!! I wish i could rate it 500 STARS !!!!!! #1


Listened to this as an audiobook in the car with the boys (4&5), and they loved it. Ereth made them burst into giggles every time he started with his ridiculous exclamations (their favorites were "bee boogers!" and "Sticky Roach Toes!" ...hopefully I remembered those correctly). And since their imaginative play around the house has involved Poppy, Rye, Ragweed, Clover, Valerian, and Thistle, I'm going to go ahead and say that this book made a pretty big impact on them. They loved it, and are requesting another "Poppy Book" since we finished this one. I think this series is a new family favorite (especially since there are also lots of good life lessons sneakily tucked into this book too). Definitely a good read-aloud if you have preschoolers (or even if you don't).

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