Poppy & Rye

ISBN: 0788731637
ISBN 13: 9780788731631
By: Avi John McDonough

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Reader's Thoughts

Jodi Hansen

In this book, Poppy journeys out of Dimwood Forest with Ereth to find Ragweed's family. She finds love and even more courage than she had. Poppy and Rye defeat a family of Beavers.


A wonderful series of books focused around a mouse named Poppy and her adventures. This story is about her and her new love Rye. I am an even bigger fan of #1- Poppy, but that was not an available choice.


** spoiler alert ** These books are great for bullying discussions. In this book, the beaver Castor B. Canad acts like a friend, but really is a horrible bully who speaks in cliches. In the first book, Poppy, it was the owl OchAxe (sp?) that was the bully. LOVE the porcupine Ereth in these books. He's the comic relief who speaks in alliteration. He's also an example of a character who's tough on the outside but really a marshmallow inside - the kind of talk with kids about not judging someone from what you see. In this story, Poppy meets Ragweed's brother Rye, who she marries at the end.


This was another cute book which I found immensely entertaining in Avi's connection of beavers as construction workers. Of course, the beavers are inconsiderate developers, wanting to build a beaver paradise, flooding the land that belongs to Ragweed's family.


My kids and I are continuing to enjoy these stories about Poppy. We're listening to them on tape, so that may be part of the charm. The narrator is doing an excellent job of maintaining terrific voices for the different animals. This makes crotchety Ereth's swearing even funnier ("spider spit" and the like). Ereth is a porcupine, by the way. Like Ragweed and Poppy, Poppy and Rye alludes to greater social and societal issues than simply two mice falling in love and, together with Ereth and Rye's family, defeating a troop of beavers. This book brings up questions of environmentalism (subtle, but there) as well as progress for the sake of progress v. evaluating the current status quo before forging ahead. It's a little slower than Poppy, but if you're vested in the characters it shouldn't be a problem.Great characterization as usual and just the right level of adventure for elementary school students.

Jesse Zellmer

Poppy and Poppy and Rye are kid's books yes, but I feel like these are like dark disney movies that surprisingly have a lot to offer in terms of the themes of survival, love and loss, romance and family, while still maintaining that talking animal charm. These are mature and realistic feeling novels that aren't as light as something like the Lion King but not as dark as something like Watership Down, but these are more or less a "my first survival novel" type of books.


I really liked how the settings were mostly in poppies homey nest. The whole adventure in the book when the family tried to stop the beavers was fun. And the knowing when characters were sleeping together was really calming.


** spoiler alert ** NB: This review is for POPPY, the first book in the series. MINI MISS ON A MIGHTY MISSIONThis is Avi at his gentle, sweet best--choosing an unassuming deer mouse for his unlikely heroine. Forced by circumstances to come to the aid of her extensive family (not to mention restore the reputation of her pompous father), teenage Poppy uses her natural intelligence to discover the truth about Mr. Ocax and his "protection" racket. No mouse dares move about freely in his territory without the owl's permission, but things are about to change, as dwindling rations result in a planned migration.But who will be impressed by the logical ideas and moral courage of a girl mouse? Certainly not the winged menace on patrol from his charred oak tree, nor that epitome of forest evil--the Porcupine. Just what Is the mystery at New House, something so terrible that it even causes the owl's feathers to ruffle in genuine fear. Inspired by the memory of her lost lover, Poppy insists on learning the truth about real danger. This is a darling, fast read for children of all ages, proving that one does not have to be big or strong to fight for Justice. April 3, 2011. I welcome dialogue with teachers.

Anastasia Zalesski

The book is wonderful and so is the series !!! The book made me laugh or cry maybe even get MAD a little bit ! It was beautifully put together !!! I wish i could rate it 500 STARS !!!!!! #1


** spoiler alert ** I am on the hunt for another book from the Poppy series to read aloud to my students. The problem is that I think Poppy is a great read aloud, but my future students have already heard Poppy in third grade.This one did not stack up to Poppy for me. I thought the love story between Poppy and Rye was too cutesy, convenient and not well-developed. I also didn't think the beavers were as effective a nemesis, as Mr. Ocax.


The book Poppy is about the edge of Dimwood Forest stood an old charred ok where, silhouetted by moon,a great horned owl sat waiting. The owl's name was Mr.ocax, and he looked like death himself. With his percing gaze,he surveyed the lands he called his own, watching for creatures he considerd his subjects. N o one dared to cross the path cause if he saw some one cross the path he would fly afther them. Mr.


Another Dimwood Forest Tale to read to Preston - Yeah!!! So far, we love all of the Tales of Dimwood Forest by Avi. He is an awesome writer! I've been reading this series to my ten year old son and I think that I am enjoying it just as much as he is. He loves adventure stories and he loves animals so this series seems to be perfect for him. The only thing that he didn't like in this book was the romance, it was a little too sappy for him. We are looking forward to reading the next book in the series "Ereth's Birthday".

Giselle Bradley

I read this book years ago. I don't remember all of it but I do remember liking it. I was probably around the ages 8 to 12. I was an animal book reader when I was younger. I read half of the books in this series and this one was my least favorite. I don't remember much about the characters. But I do remember how the beavers got in and out of their dwellings. Besides that I hardly remember a single thing. I read this book after reading Poppy, and Ragweed. You can imagine how hard a time I had excepting Rye. Which is why this was my least favorite out of the 3 that I read. But I read it anyway. I just read this one once ever though I read the first two books (Ragweed, and Poppy) multiple times.I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who doesn't like animal books. But for me it was a good fit for my 10 year old self.(I'm sorry I can't tell you about the writing style. I don't remember...)


This was a great book to read to/with young readers. You can really create a picture/voice of the characters in the book, and get into it by using your own perceived voices.



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