Power and Interdependence

ISBN: 0321048571
ISBN 13: 9780321048578
By: Robert O. Keohane Joseph S. Nye Jr.

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Reader's Thoughts


In all fairness, this was not a horrible book. Rather, my review is based on how much I "enjoyed" it, which was not very much. From the perspective of a student of Political Science or International Relations, this book was useful in understanding the theory of complex interdependence, which serves as the opposite of the traditional Realist framework. After defining complex interdependence and outlining the main characteristics, the authors then apply their theory to four different examples. In the first half, the authors address ocean issues and international monetary issues. In the second half, they address the US-Canada relationship and the US-Australia relationship.Since this book was published back in 1977, there have been two additional chapters tacked on in recent editions. Chapter nine looks at the information age and chapter ten examines globalism. Overall, while I found this book about as interesting as most textbooks (in other words, I would not be picking this up as a pleasure read), it was well written and researched. The points were clear and thoroughly formulated.

Piotr Pietrzak

Top ten books every student of politics should readby Piotr PietrzakAuthor of the prospects for humanitarian intervention in Syria

Machala Machala

Very good book on international relations. It's a must read for those who are interested in IR.


Keohane and Nye set up what becomes the dominant school of thought in the neoliberal camp of IR thinking: neoliberal institutionalism.


The best book in International Relations.

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