Power of One Christlike Life

ISBN: 0883686287
ISBN 13: 9780883686287
By: Francis Frangipane

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About this book

If you're on the verge of giving up on sinners, or if you've already resigned from the battle against evil, Francis Frangipane has a hopeful message that will cause you to fall to your knees and intercede with love and mercy on the behalf of sinners. Twelve brief biographies of outstanding Christians, including John Wesley, William Booth, and George Mller, provide real-life examples of the ability of a godly intercessor to impact the world for Christ. As you seek God's mercy for others, you will find His mercy for yourself and be transformed in the process. Discover the power waiting to be released by one Christlike life.

Reader's Thoughts


Frangipane's writings consistently minister great things which strengthen my spirit and my walk with the Lord! Loved it!

Jason Stern

An amazing and powerful book. While I disagree with Fragipane's eschatology, his words on the indwelling power of Christ are wonderful. This is a keeper and one I read aloud to our whole family.

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