Practical Praying

ISBN: 1932128123
ISBN 13: 9781932128123
By: John Edward

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About this book

John Edward’s focus in spiritual teaching is now being spotlighted on his own path of religious and spiritual enlightenment, and he is now sharing it in this book, PRACTICAL PRAYING: Using the Rosary to Enhance your Life. This book explores the power of the rosary as a tool to bring focused energy and creative thought into your everyday life. For many people, their daily lives are a dark place with an even darker future, and John Edward shares how his belief in the power of prayer alone can help to illuminate a path for each individual to follow… using God’s gift of free will to chart our own course. Although he is quick to suggest this is not the fix to ‘find happiness’ in a material sense, the promise of living a more abundant life in general can be achieved. This book is divided into three sections. Section I deals with John’s overview of the process of prayer, his thoughts about writing on this subject matter, and the history of the rosary as authorized by the Catholic Church.   Section II is how he has utilized the power of prayer through the use of the rosary, and Section III is an audio CD that goes over the process of using the techniques of practical praying.  Includes a FREE BONUS Meditation CD!

Reader's Thoughts


I've been amazed at how much I like this book. I actually want to learn the Rosary now. It comes with a CD which is helpful for a reformed Baptist like myself! I don't affiliate with any one religion- Only with God, the Creator.


Not much new here to me, but surprised and pleased that the author is so attuned to the Rosary. And I liked that the book had the accompanying CD with it, although the first book I bought had the CD with glue on it and it broke while trying to remove it from the back of the book. So I bought another one (very cheap on and was much more careful removing the CD with a razor blade, this time successfully.


John Edwards describes a non-traditional way to pray the Rosary. Very inspirational. It also includes an audio CD.

Virginia Ann

I have a rosary, and I use it...but not in the traditional way. More like the way John speaks of in his book.Yes, this is the John Edwards of speaking to the dead fame...imagine my surprise when I saw him on the telly and he spoke of this book. I went to Amazon to check it out and ordered it. Glad I did. I have not finished the book but I have skimmed it..and I think this is a wonderful read for all Christians of course, but also for those of us who choose to connect with Spirit for Guidance in this life.In the back of the book is a c.d. on which John prays the rosary...step by step...he clearly leads us on an inner journey.I am posting this before I have fully read the book because I thought it would be a lovely gift to give to a loved one during the Holy Season of Light.I want to also say, this book speaks of prayer in a clear non specific in..ones using Mala or prayer beads etc.All in all...I must give this book 5 Stars...hope someone else posts on it...I would like to hear other opinions:) V.


Insightful humorous personal stories from John and excellent advice on incorporating prayer in our daily lives in a practical way. Quick read & comes with a CD.


This is an uplifting book. If we persist in our praying the Rosary, any problem can be solved. You do not need to be Catholic to say the Rosary. Powerful praying is for everyone. John writes in a very down to earth manner. I enjoy all of his books.

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