Princess Alice and the Magical Mirror (The Tiara Club, #4)

ISBN: 0061124397
ISBN 13: 9780061124396
By: Vivian French Sarah Gibb

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Reader's Thoughts

Stefanie Julianto

tentang princess Alice yang bertukar tempat dengan pembantu dapur karena merasa bertanggung jawab telah membuatnya menjatuhkan pot.ceritanya bagus dan ringan, hikmah yang bisa diambil dari buku ini adalah kejujuran. :) princess Alice mengakui kalau poin yang didapatnya bukan karena kerja kerasnya melainkan dibantu oleh orang lain


Alice and the Rose Room friends of hers got three hundred tiara points!

Sara Shaw


Madeline Beck



HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. ( please excuse me while i go barf at thinking about that book).....................okay. that was thoe worst book i have ever read. i like the other books by Vivian French, but this was.............I'm sorry Vivian, but were you mentally ill when you wrote this? At least make them fly down the magical freaking staircase by their heads to their deaths, or get attacked by zombies or something!!!!!If you agree with me, please look for my version or this stuff on fanfiction, ZOMBIE STYLE!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!



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