Princess Daisy and the Dazzling Dragon (The Tiara Club, #3)

ISBN: 0061124338
ISBN 13: 9780061124334
By: Vivian French Sarah Gibb

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Reader's Thoughts


I really liked this book and I"ll give 5 stars for this book.I felt sad for Daisy when her cupcakes became coals.But Sophia gave some of her cupcakes.When Lady V ate one of Daisy's cupcakes which is Sophia's she didn't like it.I liked the part when the princesses went up to see the dragon and saw that the dragon was actually a baby.I hated the part when Floreen tripped Daisy and the baby dragon was frightened.


GReaT i recomend


Guys can I actually read this book on here?


At first Daisy was scared to go meet a dragon that the princesses were going to meet. She couldn't even eat the crust of her pizza. She met the dragon and wasn't scared at all. She loved it.


i think that she had a dragon and the dragon is not good he make fire

Sara Shaw

Again I don't like Daisy and the story was fun but not the best

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