Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide

ISBN: 0201710897
ISBN 13: 9780201710892
By: Dave Thomas Andrew Hunt

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Reader's Thoughts

Shawn Moore

With this book you can learn Ruby in a breeze. Whether that's more the fault of this book or of Ruby I haven't figured out.


This is a great book to have on hand if you want to go beyond the basics of Ruby. I have not read it page to page but use it more as a reference.

Lee Winder

I shouldn't claim to have read this as it's constantly open on my desk because it's such a valuable resource for any Ruby programmer.


Actually I'm reading a downloaded PDF of the third edition that covers Ruby 1.9. This is my first exposure to this language; I like it. I'm happy to say goodbye to PHP (fuck that language, it is made of garbage).Um...right, about the book: I like it, seems pretty clear and goes through the language using several different strategies. Seems to function well as both a beginner's guide, in depth tutorial, and reference: a rare feat. Even the Perl "camel book" (3rd edition in particular) doesn't really nail that, although it tries.

Mark Harris

Excellent introduction to the Ruby programming language. Style is considerably more readable (an occasionally humorous) than the usual Tech book. Ruby is an object oriented, interpreted language.


This is the bible of ruby and a must read for any new ruby developer. I read it after working in ruby for about 4 years and still found quite a few awesome new things.


This works well as a reference book, but it's not exactly beach reading. I like that most things are easy to look up and laid out in a manner where it's easy to skim for what you want.

Virgilio Pigliucci

Not bad considering the topic it can be read and mostly used very easily.I would never consider this book as "completely-read".... guess It will spend many months close to my desk!

Jaret Manuel

Better for the more advanced programmer / Rubyist. Avoid if you are new to Programming and Ruby. Awesome reference versus tutorial.This book is all over the map.

Oleg Ilyenko

Very good read, but the second part is a reference manual, which is pretty useless if you have access to the internet and ability to google stuff :)


Solid how-to and reference book. This is how I learned Ruby, now my favorite programming language. I can't get past the author's name though. Every time I notice it on my shelf I think, "So that's what he's been up to since SCTV."

Angus McDonald

Great reference work that also manages to be a good introduction to the language itself. Not the bets place for Ruby on Rails, but an essential addition to your Ruby library.


This is the book I learned Ruby from, once upon a time, and while it has its detractors I still think it's a good tutorial (especially if you know some other programming language, like Java). Probably not a good choice if you've never done any programming.


Overall, it was a pretty good read. I starts by covering the language, getting you exposed to the fundamentals and how to actually write Ruby. The second half covers an overview of the standard libraries, letting you know what already exists so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.I think it did a good job of teaching me the language and how to use Ruby. If anything, the book was a little short of more extensive examples, but really it's not a big deal. You can start writing your own examples with what you learn from the book and you'll learn more for it.


Great first part, but quick reference for main classes is obsolete in world of Ruby docs

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