Proverbs: An Introduction & Commentary

ISBN: 0877842663
ISBN 13: 9780877842668
By: Derek Kidner

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Reader's Thoughts

Eric Lazarian

I have the old IVP version, and it was on the recommended commentary list for Proverbs at CTS. Very handy and useful, but a little short on many verses.

Mike Hyatt

"Proverbs: An introduction and commentary" by Derek Kidner is a very helpful little commentary on the book of Proverbs. It is not a technical commentary so anyone will find it accessible and at the same time helpful. Perhaps the greatest benefit is found at the beginning and end of the book. The first part of the commentary covers the introduction to the book of Proverbs, it's structure, date and authorship but then there is a section of Subject-studies that cover the main themes in Proverbs. These include God and Man, Wisdom, The Fool, The Sluggard, The Friend, Words, The Family, and Life and Death. This is very helpful and will be a section one will go back to again and again. This section is also referenced quite frequently in the commentary itself. Finally there is a handy concordance at the end of the book that will allow you to find proverbs by topic. For example if you want to find what the book of Proverbs says about "vinegar" you look that up and see that vinegar is talked about in Proverbs 10:26 and 25:20. How handy is that? Very! I would recommend this for anyone who is interested in studying the book of Proverbs and who isn't looking for a massive or technical work.

Mike Wagner

Pithy, wise and scholarly...a very helpful commentary on the Old Testament book of Proverbs


Very good, concise, orthodox, accessible

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