Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers

ISBN: 0440418755
ISBN 13: 9780440418757
By: Gary Paulsen

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About this book

Cookie usually had puppies easily, but they were always so wonderful and special that I worried excessively each time. Considering that she had five litters of never less than eight pups and twice twelve- altogether over forty pups- this constituted a large measure of worry.

Reader's Thoughts


** spoiler alert ** My favorite part as when Cookie had pupies and they got trained. The worst part was when the puppies made a very big mess in the home of their owners. My favorite character was Cookie. There was no worst character. Auryn 10 years old, 2013.

Deborah Morgan

A very easy read but very enjoyable about his adventures with raising dogs.


i read this book because it looked sooooooooo funney. it was a stupid book do not read this book


In general, I really like Paulsen's survival stories - Hatchet, Brian's Return, Brian's Winter...and so on. This was a fun look at raising puppies and maintaining a kennel of sled dogs used to running in extremely harsh winters. It's about Paulsen and his dogs (most importantly Cookie) after the first Iditarod but before he knew he couldn't do a second. It's very short, and one of the recountings in particular is worth reading the whole thing for. Plus, if you're an animal lover, it's a win-win situation.

Amy Rhilinger

Great memoir of life raising sled dogs in Minnesota, and the ties between man and dog.


It was a great book. Very descriptive. The author wrote the relationship between the owner of the dogs and his dog Cookie so it really was a heartwarming book. I recomend this book to dog lovers.


Another autobiographical dog book by Gary Paulsen that will make you both laugh and cry. This one is all about Cookie, the dog he dedicated My Life in Dog Years to. I think I didn't initially connect as much with this book because I don't know much about sled dogs. In fact, nearly everything I know about sled dogs, I've learned from Gary Paulsen's books. But once he started telling stories about Cookie's puppies, I was hooked. 4.5 stars.

Dayna Smith

Paulsen is the author of Hatchet and the other "Brian" books. This is a nonfiction tale of his experiences with his sled dogs. He relates his memories of Cookie, his long time friend and lead dog. We hear of his love and care for Cookie and watch her last litter of puppies become experienced sled dogs. Paulsen is an experienced Iditarod racer and this book is every bit as enjoyable as his fictional works.


Got through three chapters. 8 year old did not like this book for whatever.


Definitely a cute, sentimental and moving little book. I laughed out loud reading about the puppy invasion -- can't even imagine what that must have looked like! I'm very fond of other people's dogs (don't want any of my own) and always enjoy reading about them.

The Reading Countess

This is a poignant tale of one man's love for a dog told as no one other than the great Paulsen can. Brilliantly detailing the last years of his beloved race dog, Cookie's life with him, Gary Paulsen describes in the most minute detail how it is to live in synchronisty with nature. A reverance for all creatures great and small oozes in this brief 80-page tear jerker. I loved it.

Jennifer Wardrip

Reviewed by Bri P. for TeensReadToo.comA dog is man's best friend, right? He is when it comes to Cookie, and Gary Paulsen reflects on the wonderful friendship they shared. Cookie is the lead dog on Gary's team of sled dogs and has been for a very long time. Gary and Cookie have traveled a lot of trails together. They have even competed in the Iditarod. Cookie has given birth to many puppies but always goes back to work. You might call Cookie a working mother. In PUPPIES, DOGS, AND BLUE NORTHERS, Gary Paulsen tells his own story of love and friendship with his canine friend. If the strength and endurance of sled dogs interests you, you will love this book. The road they have traveled is not always smooth sledding; there are plenty of bumps along the way. Children ages ten and up will love to learn more about these amazing dogs and the training that goes into being a successful musher. This is an action-packed adventure and love story of a man and his one very special dog. Climb aboard this dog sled -- you won't ever forget it!


** spoiler alert ** The end is soooooooooooooo sad!!!!!!! Cookie dies because of her arthritis, a leg disease, and dies with her eyes half way open....... WHY COOKIE WHY???????


Exactly what I needed for a quick, fun read the night before my first day of dog sledding!


Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers by Gary PaulsenGenre: NonfictionPaulsen describes life in Minnesota and his love of the Iditarod. It also stars his lead dog, Cookie, who has a big personality. He talks about the pups also and how they learn, and act. Has some touching moments and some hilarious moments, but it is, afterall, nonfiction. Not the most engaging nonfiction I have ever read, but definitely a top pick for animal/dog lovers. I would recommend to ages 10 and up.

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