Pure and Simple: The Extraordinary Teachings of a Thai Buddhist Laywoman

ISBN: 086171492X
ISBN 13: 9780861714926
By: Upasika Nanayon Kkbrro Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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About this book

Upasika Kee was a uniquely powerful spiritual teacher. Evocative of the great Ajahn Chah, her teachings are earthly, refreshingly direct, and hard hitting. In the twentieth century, she grew to become one of the most famous teachers in Thailand—male or female—all the more remarkable because, rarer still, she was not a monastic but a layperson. Her relentless honesty, along with her encouraging voice, lead many contemporary Buddhist teachers to recall Upasika Kee fondly and often. Pure and Simple, the first widely available collection of her writings, will be gratefully received not only by those who know Upasika Kee, but by anyone who encounters her here for the first time.

Reader's Thoughts


So far I am loving this book...

Russ Ridlington

A excellent book that is direct and to the point. Upasika is a inspiration to all of us on the path.


I just started reading this one, and it's kicking butt! Straight forward, no bs kinda Buddhist book, and it's by a woman! :) "There's nothing of any substance to the physical properties of the body, which are all rotten and decomposing. The body is like a rest room over a cesspool. We can decorate it on the outside to make it pretty and attractive, but on the inside it's full of the most horrible, filthy things. Whenever we excrete anything, we ourselves are repelled by it; yet even though we're repelled by it, it's there inside us, in our intestines-decomposing, full of worms, awful smelling. There's just the flimsiest membrane covering it up, yet we fall for it and hold tight to it. We don't see the constant decomposition of this body, in spite of the filth and smells it sends out."(hahaha. this is gonna be a great book!)

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